Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What. A. Weekend.

Warning: Extra long Blog Post. Continue if you dare...

I needed this. I needed a good weekend in my life...nay, a good 3-Day weekend. And as always, it went by way too fast. Nonetheless, I made sure to fill it with many positive activities, which may or may not have involved far too many vodka/crans...

So, as you know (or don't), Friday was Matthew and Katie's last day in the States! Off to Africa they go. Which, btw, I hear is about a 24 hour plane ride. Insanity is what that is. So to send them off the right way, we had to make sure it was extra special. And special is what it was. We started off at the Mansion where man of my dreams met up to "surprise" Matthew. Except...it really wasn't a surprise because Roomie let it slip that he was coming. So Matt had to use his Oscar worthy acting skills to make sure Aaron felt like the surprise worked. Have I mentioned his name is Aaron? I think I'll just use that from now on. I started wondering...what if he randomly read this blog. I bet he'd be extra creeped out. Soooo N-E-Way... We all hopped in the Black Panther and made our way Downtown to the Se Hotel. We met up with our fellow amigos and had a ball. But it wasn't until we got back to the mansion that the real fun began. I woke up the next morning with so many unexplained photos on my iPhone... I wish I could share them all but fear I just may scare you away...all eight of you readers... Here are a few of the evening, but be prepared... some of them aren't pretty:

Goodbye America...Off to Africa for THREE weeks!

Roomie and Jim decided to take a ride on the bull (God I hope my boss never sees this...)

Me and Brother...yes, that's a Zebra Snuggie.

I don't even know what to say about this one...other than, I think the Zebra Snuggie is fitting for his African trip....no?

Me and Aaron...apparently we took a photo shoot in the kitchen because there are about 15 more pictures of us like this. Yes, odd.

Poor Roomie was sleeping and Matthew decided to put a squash and underwear near her head. I couldn't make this up if I tried...

SO. Anyway...let's just move far beyond that evening. I hope you haven't been creeped out too much. I'll understand if you never visit this blog again. 

Saturday came and went. Had a very lovely day with Aaron that consisted of lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, a visit to Roomie at her work, some pool side lounging, then dinner Downtown. 
He left around 8:30 and I headed straight for the couch and spent the rest of my Saturday night there...despite all the invites to go out. I think you can agree that my Friday night needed some recovering from.

Sunday, Tori and I went to PB to have a little fun in the sun. Tori even met Tom Cruise!!!

Okay...not really. But he definitely looked the part enough for us to ask a complete stranger for his picture.

We ran into Billy, Jim, and Earl and continued to have some fun shenanigans. 

Lastly...Memorial Day, I figured I needed to fight through the fatigue and get my butt out for one last hoorah of a day, because when am I ever going to get another Monday off??? 
Alessandra and I headed back to the beach fun. We met some people, did a little dancin', laughin', and cocktailin'.
Very poor quality. Whatever. You get the point.

If you've made it this far and are STILL reading this post...I am impressed. I'm exhausted from even typing this much. I don't blame you if you bounced after half of this read...
Someone's gotta document my life though... Lord knows I've got a horrible memory and if I don't account for it right now, I'll never remember all the fun times. 

I hope each and every eight of you had an amazing weekend. It's back to the grind people. You ready? Deep breath....GO!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Hope it's filled with lots of Cranberry Vodka's... 


p.s. i'm SoOoOoOo happy and grateful for this country and those who have helped us get to where we are today. thank you thank you and thank you some more

Friday, May 27, 2011

looks to me like it's gonna be a grand weekend

Last night I went Downtown with Chris. We had dinner and drinks on the rooftop of J Bar. I took this picture. It was so pretty up there. I really do love San Diego. Sometimes I take for granted the place I live and all the small things I should appreciate, like this view. 

Just as I was going to write off the M.O.M.D. because I felt like I should move on and search for something else....He calls me last night! And guess what? He's coming down TONIGHT.
Sure, the reason may be because my brother is leaving for AFRICA tomorrow morning for 3 WEEKS and M.O.M.D. wants to see him before he leaves, but still, he called MOI to tell me that. And Sure, maybe the reason he called me was because he said he wanted to surprise my brother and just "show up" tonight...but still, he could have called a different friend, but he chose to call ME. 
Okay...have I officially become obsessed and crazy? Yeah...I think so too.
Deep breath, Michelle. You're pathetic and need to get a life.

Needless to say, I am excited for tonight. I am excited to see my brother. I am going to miss him TERRIBLY while he's off prancing with lions and zebras (that's what they do in Africa, right?). 
I'm so excited I even forgot to put deodorant on today.
Don't judge me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

iPhone picture blog

i have some pictures on my iPhone that have been there and i've been wanting to put on my bliggety-blog...

yesterday, i decided to do something nice for myself. i got a mani and pedi. PLUS an extra 10 minute foot massage. it was divine. and now i have pretty nails. which makes me feel pretty and happy.

okay, seriously...how do i live in this filth? no really. this is a pretty average day for what my desk looks like. let's just analyze a bit. feel free to enlarge the picture so you can follow along. first of all, do you see those pictures on the wall? you know, the ones that look like 5th grade art? yeah...one of my customers sent those to me. she. won't. stop. just you wait. soon, i'll have the entire wall filled. 
next, let's look at the cups over on the left. there's my starbucks cup. standard. but then there's also a coffee mug, which most likely has 3 day old coffee in it. sitting there. getting moldy. i wish i was exaggerating. 
do you notice what my monitor is sitting on? yeah...a 2 pack of photo albums. my neck was hurting one day, so i thought propping up the monitor would help. surprisingly, it did. i'm nice and ghetto like that.
i bet my mutha is just cringing right now looking at this...

the other night, i went to Chevy's. they have this guac that they'll make for you right at your table! and you can tell them what you want them to put in it. it was awesome. i asked her if i could take her picture because i thought it was so cool...she kind of stared at me like i was crazy, but then obliged. mmm...guac.

when i was at the wedding this past weekend, i went out with some friends after the reception and saw THIS lovely contraption. there aren't many chances in life to take a picture of you straddling a canon. so i took the opportunity when i saw it.

here's little Bryson eating a popsicle. looks like i'll be getting to see him end of JuNe/beginning of JuLy!

okay...so last night, Roomie and I watched the American Idol Finale....here are a few things I got from it:
1. Beyonce and J. Lo are ultra hot. Jay-Z and Marc Anthony are 2 very lucky men. Yowza.
2. Scotty is boring and I don't think he should have won.
3. Carrie Underwood has really great legs. although they looked ultra shiny. still great.
4. lady gaga is amazing. it is definitely on my bucket list to see her in concert

It's Thursday!!!! Yee-Haw! I'm super duper truper excited for this weekend. Why? Just because! =)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yoga. I'm down.

see this room here? yeah...last night, it looked nothing like it. the girls and i moved all the furniture away (which, i may or may not have made a big scuff mark on the wood) and created our very own yoga studio. we then proceeded to do a little bit of this...i'm pretty sure we were doing that exact move as well. in fact, that IS me...can't you tell? i know, i'm pretty pro.

3 things i realized as i was going through my vinyasa flow sequence (that's yoga talk in case you were wondering...i told you i was pro):

1. i am in desperate need of a pedicure

2. doing yoga completely takes away my stresses and is very relaxing (even when the Domino's pizza guy interrupts us halfway through with a delivery)

3. it feels effing awesome and i should really do it more often

i've been feeling so stressed out lately and this was definitely something i needed. after our yoga sesh, we all devoured 1 too many slices of pizza and 3 bottles of wine. it was grand.

thank you, friends, for coming over last night. you know who you are...Ticki, Farah, Damie...


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today is a new day

Gosh, yesterday I was in a crap of a mood! I got to work, had a million things to do, didn't get a chance to take a break (except to blog because we all know I'll always make time for that). Anyway, I was talking with my mutha and she was telling me that she's probably going to live in Georgia for at least 4 more years. I just lost it. I was crying and I was being selfish and I was thinking that I need her HERE. What if I get married and have kids in the next 4 years?? Then she's just going to be gone? What if it's MY kid? Will she not come back to help me out like she did for Michael by moving to Georgia? It's just sad and I don't know how to handle it. I can probably count on 2 hands the amount of times I'll see her in the next 4 years. It's depressing. I wish I had an abundant amount of money so I could fly there any time I wanted...So then I was talking to my dad and he emailed me this morning:

Hi Shella,
Sorry you feel down.
If I pay for your flight, would you go see your Mom?
I'll be happy to accommodate it for you. 

What a guy... that made my day. He's always been so generous with me.
Looks like I'll be making a trip out to Georgia soon!!!!!!!!

So anyway...today is a new day. I am in a great mood, got some girls coming over tonight for some yoga and wine festivities, got my Starbucks next to me...It's going to be a good day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Guess it wouldn't be Monday...

...if I didn't see 92 missed calls when I got to work

...if I didn't wake up late or have time to do my hair and make-up

...if I didn't make time to drive alllllllll the way to Starbucks (despite being late to work) only to find that they didn't have my favorite Turkey Bacon breakfast sandwich so instead I got stuck with a boring ol' banana

...if I didn't check my online balance only to be ultra shocked at how much money I spent over the weekend (yikes)

...if I didn't first go to Facebook when I got to work because I'm dreading actually starting my long, full day of various tasks

...if I wasn't already day dreaming about the upcoming weekend and staring longingly at my calendar hoping my concentration will bring Friday sooner

Hope your Monday is just as wonderful as mine


(On a brighter note, I had a fab weekend filled with wedding festivities that I will soon report with all the fun pictures!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Before and After...

So....remember way back when, when I posted that disgusting picture of me right before the Spartan Race? 
I took an "After" picture today....and I didn't realize until now, comparing the two, that I really have lost some weight. 15 pounds to be exact. I went from a size 4/6 to a size 2. 
Wanna know my secret
Have a boyfriend you love break up with you...promise you won't eat for a good 2 weeks. Then you'll like seeing the weight shed that you'll be forced to eat healthy and say goodbye to cheeseburgers and fries forever! (Yeah, right)

Here we go....(I can't believe I'm posting these on the World Wide Web)



P.S. This is my cute new swimsuit from Victoria's Secret that I got the other day :)

SoOoO...there ya have it. 
Now...the tricky part...how to keep it off?

...3 hours later...I just ate 4 pieces of pizza. Oops.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Testing, testing, 1..2..3...

I'm writing this blog post from my iPhone because I wanted to see if it were possible. So excuse any weird auto-corrects or misspellings. I'm laying on a big comfy couch right now contemplating whether I should take a nap or not..most likely I won't.

Wanna hear something gross? I haven't showered yet today and I don't care one bit.

You know what else I was thinking? Joining an online dating site. Go ahead, judge me. I mean, think about it. 80% of this generation's interaction is done via technology: texting, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, phones, etc. So is it really that bizarre to think about meeting someone online? I think not. It could be fun. And it'd definitely give me some good blogging material.
Lately I've been craving a good ol' fashioned date. Boy picks up girl. Boy takes girl to dinner (and PAYS), then boy takes girl home with a simple hug (maybe kiss) goodbye. That's it. Nothing else. Is that so much to ask for?
Random memory: When I was a little girl, I used to think about what it would be like to go on a date. I made these rules about the proper way to say goodbye:
Date 1: Hug.
Date 2: Kiss on cheek.
Date 3: Peck on the mouth.
Date 4: Light make-out sesh.

That's about as far as I got...

Oh the innocence..

Sushi and Bridesmaids

Last night, Roomie and I had a dinner/movie date. I met her at The Fashion Valley mall and we did a little shopping. I went to

and I bought a new swimsuit that I'm very excited to wear! Now if only the sun would come out...
Then we went to

and I ordered California Rolls and Miso Soup. Yes. California Rolls. No, that's not really sushi. Yes, I am Asian. I'm trying here, don't judge. No really, one of my goals for 2011 is to try different types of real sushi and hopefully become a sushi lover. Because as of now...that crap is nasty. Raw? Squishy? No thank you. Why is it one of my goals then? Well...besides the fact that it's pretty healthy for you...I've always envied people who say, "I just Loooovvveeee sushi." It sounds cool. I know, I'm weird. Moving on.
After dinner, Roomie and I went and saw a movie:

I thought it was hilarious. Why did Blogger all of a sudden decide to change fonts on me? Hm. Weird. So N-E-WAY...after the movie, we parted ways. I had to go back to the MANSION (Junk#4) and she had to go back to the Home Front. She's going to come over tonight though and spend the night because I am taking her to the airport at the BUTT CRACK OF DAWN tomorrow. You're welcome, Roomie. 

It's Thursday. One more day. Then it's time to par-tay. Whaddya say? Let's eat some hay. Okay, sorry, I'll stop. I'm rambling. This is what happens when I roll out of bed 5 minutes before I have to be at work. I need to work on this laziness slump.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Raining, It's pouring...

Okay, so it's not really pouring. In fact, it's possible that it stopped raining altogether. But it's definitely gloomy and wet outside. And I'm definitely not a huge fan. It's the middle of May..it'd be nice to see some hot hot hot sunny weather.

When I went to lunch this past weekend with JP, we had to fill The Black Panther up with gas. He took this picture of me. I really like it for some reason. I didn't even realize I was standing like that. Guess I wasn't very happy with the gas prices...

So last night was my first official night at The House Alllll alone. No friends over to keep me company. Just me. When I got home, I decided to take a walk. It was refreshing to be alone with my thoughts and appreciate the surrounding scenery. Then I kind of got lost walking back. I'm not very good with directions, in case you didn't already know that. Here's a picture I took with my iPhone. Pretty, huh? And no, that's not the sun looking all magnificent amongst the Twilight background...it's a street light.

After my little labyrinth of a walk, I came home and proceeded to spend the next several hours reading The Lowe Family News blog. I started reading it a few weeks ago from the start. Very fun read. Her name is Jessica and she has about a million kids, a marine husband, and a very fun sense of humor. I'm now friends with her on Facebook...no big deal ;) I may or may not have a slight obsession with her. I'm sure you ALL share similar feelings about my blog. It's okay, I welcome the obsessions. ;)

Last night, as I was laying in bed, I kept having all these thoughts pop in my head that I felt like blogging about. I'm pretty sure I even thought I should write some down. Of course, laziness got in the way and I didn't. And of course, now that it's morning, I've forgotten everything. So...sucks for you! Kidding...but not really.

I hope each and every one of you have a gLOrIoUs Humping Day...full of...Humps.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Dear Starbucks, I miss you terribly. It's been 4 days since we've been together. Now that I live only 3 minutes from work, I can't find you anywhere near! So now I'm stuck drinking the crap coffee that work has to offer. I miss your Turkey Bacon breakfast sandwiches and your Grande Pike's Place coffee with half and half and Sweet n Low's... I miss the smell of your shop and the warm greetings I get by your workers. Maybe I can find the time tomorrow to leave the house a little extra early so we can re-unite. That would make me happy...

Dear Mutha, I'm very sorry that I haven't called you in a few days. I feel as though life has been hectic and I can't seem to find a moment to give you a holler. But I know that's no excuse. We all have time in our lives if we make it happen. Just know, you're on my mind and I intend to call you VERY SOON. So be waiting. By your phone. At all times. You never know when the moment will strike.

Dear Water, I used to drink a gallon of you every day. You made me feel so alive and healthy. I never drank coffee or soda, just you. You made my skin glow and hydrated. I miss those days with you. Lately, I think I've been neglecting you more than necessary. I will try my hardest to drink at least 8 glasses of you a day. Thanks for being patient.

Dear University of Phoenix, I am getting very sick of you and your courses. They are time consuming and boring. I think the people that work for you are retarded and don't know how to do their jobs. I think the course work is mundane and busy work. Thank the Lord Almighty that I only have 2 more classes with you then I'm DONE. Also, you cost WAY too much for a class. $1750 for a 5-week course? Come on...Poop on you.

Dear Facebook Friends, I'm starting to get a little tired of seeing: "I'm Engaged!!!!" or "Just got married!!!!" or "We're having a BABY!!!" when you've BARELY EVEN HIT YOUR MID-20's! It makes me wonder...is this what I'm supposed to be doing at 24 years old? Because I certainly don't FEEL ready for that. Do ya'll look down on me for still being single and childless? I sure hope not...

Dear Blogger, I really appreciate your services. You allow me to have a place to come and vent my thoughts and feelings and to be able to document my life so that one day when I'm old and gray, I can look back on my glory days. You provide me with many hours of entertainment. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Friday, May 13, 2011


...is this world coming to?!

Pageant Mom Gives Botox to 


...This is just a disturbing video... Click Play.

Would you want your child playing with this creepy Barbie?

Shape - Ups for Kids
These shoes were originally made for adults to offer extra support and angle to "tone" the legs while walking. Now they're available for kids to help reduce "Child Obesity." Um, how about don't feed them McDonald's every day?!
Skecher Shape-Ups sneakers

bikini top, padded bra, push-up, sex, tween, fashion


Blogger is upsetting me today. It's getting all funky and not posting correctly.

M.O.M.D (Man of My Dreams) IS COMING!!!



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Yesterday, I went over to the owner of my company's house that I so graciously agreed to House Sit for, so I could pick up the keys. House sitting begins this Friday. I met his wife and she showed me all around this amazing home. She showed me the few plants that she would like me to water once a week, no biggie. Then she showed me 3 different bird feeders that she wanted me to make sure were full. A little weird seeing as they don't own any birds. I'm feeding birds of nature?? Um..alright, not a problem. Then she shows me the kitchen, and in a very strong, convincing voice, she says, "Anything you see in here, you are welcome to. I don't care if you finish it either." Do you think she was also including the several bottles of alcohol? Because I will gladly finish those if she really wants me to.
Then as I was leaving, she says, "So are you having your boyfriend stay with you?" Um..I had to awkwardly tell her that I do not have said "boyfriend" and it will be Just me...THEN she says, "You're welcome to have friends over as well." Do you think it's okay to have all 500 of my closest Facebook friends over? I think so too.


I went to the grocery store deli the other day and asked the young boy of about 20 if I could get a half pound of their salmon. He then proceeds to call me "ma'am" for every sentence. Um, I'm sorry. I'm about 4 years older than you, Pal, and you're calling me, "MA'AM?!" Do I look that old to you? Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, he asks me who I'm cooking the salmon for...I stared at him for a second before replying, "Just me..." (Insert awkward silence.)


The other day, my Dad came over. We were talking about weight loss and how he's been eating healthy and losing weight. He says he's at 18% body fat but wants to be at 15%, blah blah blah. So then I said, "Hey Dad, did you know I've lost about 15 pounds since Christmas?" Then I lift up my shirt so he can see my stomach. I was hoping for some support and excitement, but instead, he reaches over, pinches my stomach and says, "Now you just need to lose this fat. Cut out all the Carbs."
....Gee, thanks Dad.


Enjoy your Hump Day everybody. Since it's JUST ME and I'm apparently FAT, I'll be busy cooking NON-CARB meals for myself and won't have time to Hump anyone. So for all of you oh-so-in-love-skinny-carb-eating people out there...enjoy a piece of bread for me.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The things I do for love...

So the man of my dreams is coming to see me this weekend. Let me give you an example of just how excited I am. Normally, my bedroom looks like a bomb went off in there or some natural disaster occurred (hurricane, tornado, etc). Clothes strewn about, bathroom sink even more disgusting than a boy's college dorm. I'm not even exaggerating. It's disgusting, I'll be the first to admit it. But when Man of My Dreams (MOMD) and I were having a conversation in Vegas about him and his roommate, the only thing he mentioned that bothered him was that his roommate is messy. As I was saying aloud, "I totally agree with you, messes are disgusting." I was REALLY thinking, "If you could only see my room..." Anyway, when I found out he was going to be coming TO MY PLACE, I went into panic mode. My mother would be so proud if she could see what I accomplished. I did about 146 loads of laundry, I hung up ALL my clothes, I cleaned my counters and sink, I VACUUMED, I made my bed and I even got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor! My roommate came home, looked at all the cleaning I did and said, "Who are you?"
So NOW, when MOMD comes to see, I won't have to worry that he'll take one look and run for the hills screaming. 
I went to bed last night, in a clean room, and I must admit...it was refreshing. Maybe I should clean up more often? ....Nah, too much work.

Monday, May 9, 2011

What a lovely weekend...

Meet my brother, Michael. He lives in Georgia. He's the father of this little guy that I rant and rave about oh so much:

I miss them terribly and haven't seen them since Christmas! But YESTERDAY, I got to see my brother!!! He flew in yesterday, rented a car, and drove down to San Diego to see me! =) I miss him so very much and I was such a happy girl (as you can see from the picture). My dad came over as well as my other brother, Matthew. We spent hours talking and laughing so hard we cried. I love my brother, he makes me happy. He'll be in Los Angeles for the week, but we have plans to all hang out again Friday night! Whoop-a-loop!

Hope you all had a Fab Wknd :)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mamma,

This is the first Mother's Day that we have been apart. I miss you terribly and am so envious of all my friends around me who get to spend this special day with their Mother's. I want you to know just how thankful I am for you in my life. I don't know what I would do without you or who I would be today if it weren't for your guidance, love, and compassion. You are my best friend and I am so grateful for our special bond. I hope one day, when I'm a Mother, I can have the type of relationship with my daughter that I do with you. Thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed to raise us children. I miss you so very much and I can't wait for us to live close again!! Enjoy this day. I love you more than any words could ever express!!

Love Always,

Your favorite child....kidding...no, but for real.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sister!!!

happy birthday to my sister, mai li. she is 22 years old today. i wish you could be here in sunny so-cal with me, sister sue, but yet, you are so very far away in honky tonk tennessee. 
you are my favorite sister in the whole world. yes, you are my only sister. but if i were to have more, just know you would be my favorite ;)
i love you and i miss you. have an amazing day for an amazing lady!

(Korea. June 2007. Favorite picture of us)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hungover and Happy

First of all...What if I looked like this? THEN would you stop stalking and just become my FOLLOWER? You know..that little "Follow" button over on the right? ...I won't think it's awkward if you follow me...yeah you, all of you Canada followers...I see you...

Last night, Tori and I went out for Cinco de Mayo. We went to Fred's in Old Town. I had 4 Skinny Margaritas. What's a Skinny Margarita, you ask? Well, instead of the sweet n sour juice (which is far too sugary and calorie-y), they use fresh limes. Not bad, not bad at all. After those 4 Skinny Margaritas (and a few beers) we decided to have a photo shoot...or maybe I just wanted to be in front of the camera. Shocker, I know.

(I apologize for the lack of picture quality...These are all from my iPhone. I'm far too lazy to bring out a regular camera)

Let's take a look at this picture. Why does my hand look so awkward and "finger-y?" And what's going on with my ultra-Asian looking face? No wonder we got all the weirdo's coming up to our table...it's because I looked like THAT

Seriously, if I was sitting across the place and saw this girl taking pictures like this, I'd think she was weird and probably make fun of her. Apparently after 4 margs, I didn't give a crap.

I think it finally hit me how lame I was being.

After Fred's, we went over to the Old Town Saloon. They normally have pool tables, but they weren't in service at the time. This place was PACKED. These two men came up to us and started talking. UM. Let me just clarify how old they were. I'm pretty sure they could have been my father. Why we were talking to them? I could not tell you. Plus, one of them was a teacher, and that just creeped me out all on its own. Something about seeing a teacher hit on someone that could potentially be a STUDENT of theirs. Um, no thank you. Then they tried to get us to go to this other place with them. Again, um, no thank you. That's about the time it was time to go home. Went home and straight to bed.

So now it's Friday. And that makes me very happy...something about having the whole weekend ahead of you, endless possibilities. Enjoy your weekends, my lovelies. Go do something reckless.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Junk Time on a Wednesday.

**So normally, I dedicate my Wednesdays to write about all the things that I am thankful for. Today, I feel like just writing about other things. But...I feel a little guilty for not taking a moment to be thankful. Fine. I'll say something I'm thankful for:
i am thankful that i am the first person in to work because it allowed me to paint my toenails that looked atrocious. (side note to my coworkers: don't worry, i was able to do work as well as paint my toenails....yeah...right...that's what our story will be, ok???)

**I'm drinking my Starbucks this morning, and that makes me happy. It's funny, I used to HATE coffee when I was younger. My mutha was always a coffee drinker and I just couldn't stand it. It was so bitter. I didn't really start drinking it till maybe 21 years old. I started off by putting so much creamer and sugar it could have passed for a dessert. Then as the years went by, I slowly backed off with the sugar and cream. Now, I have a perfect concoction. If I get a Grande, then I put 3 Sweet N Low's and a dash of Half n Half. If I get a Venti, then that requires 4 Sweet N Low's and a dash-n-a-half of the creamer. Just in case you ever get me coffee, you will now know how I like it. My mamma still thinks it's far too sweet and cringes every time she tastes my coffee. She likes it Black...Like her Men... (*wink*)

**I have a PEN PAL. Remember I was telling you about my friend Phillip? Well, he moved to Korea on Monday for A WHOLE YEAR. He's going to be helping out at this Cancer-Rehab hospital and then hopefully teach English on the side. Not too sure on the details just yet. But anyhoo, I made him promise me that we would be Pen Pals. A) Because I love getting mail. Any form. US Postal, E-Mail, texts, Facebook messages, you name it. I love it. (Feel free to write me any time, stalkers). So far, we've been doing good! I'm very excited about this. I just hope it doesn't faze out after 2 weeks because we've both become too lazy/busy to keep up. 

**I'd like to say I have good skin. Those half and half genes have done me well. Smooth, almost hairless, no bumps, etc. BUT. Ever since coming back from Vegas, I can feel on my arms, from shoulder to wrist, these little tiny bumps. Like a rash, almost, but you can't really see it unless you look really close. I could be dying. I don't know. Oh, and now I can feel it on my thighs (I just checked). This happened once before. Last year, after I got back from Maui/Vegas. Hmm... Maybe Sin City has penetrated me with Sin and now it's seeping out of my pores. Anyway, I think it's disgusting. P.S. I just Googled (because we all know how much I love Googling for education), and I think I have a LOW THYROID condition!! Does that mean I'm dying? What do I do??? (Cue Dramatic Meltdown)

**I think I forgot to put deodorant on today. No, I don't think...I know. Normally I keep a small travel sized deodorant in my purse, because it's been known to happen before. But I just looked and it's not there. Oh well, guess I'll just stink today. 

**The girl that is pregnant at work, but she continues to DENY that she's pregnant, was upstairs yesterday wearing this white maternity top. I say maternity because it looks just like that. EVERYONE was commenting on it and wondering how long she's going to keep blaming her GROWING BELLY on "medication problems." She looks to be about 6 months. So... I'm thinking come August/September if she's suddenly flat stomached, we will know. Then we will have to wonder what she did with the child. Give it away? Hide it in a closet at home, never to be seen again? Come to work with it and pretend it's a friend's? I think about this often...probably more than I should. Maybe I can try to sneakily get a picture of her and show you guys what I'm talking about!!! But for now, it looks a little something like this:

Have a Lovely, Lovely Wednesday everyone...May your day be filled with rainbows and butterflies.
...I don't know where that last part came from, but it sounds nice.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Las Vegas Dun Right

Tao Beach @ The Venetian

Evil Possessed Roommates


Devil Eyes again...

Las Vegas was, in a word, A-MA-ZING.
A little list of reasons why:

Backstreet Boys for the 4 hour drive in
Slept a total of 6 hours in 2 days
Worked majorly on my tan. Success.
Managed to WIN $$$
Met my future husband
Bottle service @ Tao nightclub
Unforgettable memories made with friends and family

Thank you, Las Vegas. I shall miss you. Until we meet again...



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