Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday... Thanks?

you ever get sick enough to the point where your eyeballs hurt? that's me. my body aches. i nearly pass out from the pain every time i swallow. and i'm supposed to be going to las vegas in TWO days. do you think if i chant: "i feel healthy, i feel healthy, i feel healthy" enough times, it will actually work? i feel like poo. i probably look it too. is this what it feels like to die? ugghhh....but the show must go on. it is wednesday. today i need to make it a point to be thankful for some things... ready? set? go.

**today's Wednesday Thanks will be dedicated to a few people in my life**

phillip and i have known each other since 2003, but maybe have seen each other a total of 6 different times. he's moving to korea on monday to help out at a rehab-cancer clinic for a whole year! i saw him last night for a few hours and i am very thankful for our friendship. i always know we'll have a great time when we hang out. (p.s. he'll also be in vegas this weekend, so we better get to hang out!!)

jen (roomie) and i have known each other since 2004 where we met at the fashion institute of design and merchandising for college. she originally didn't like me because the first time she met me was during class when we had a presentation due and i was the girl that was very prepared and she had completely forgotten about it. she was just jealous probably. she's the best roomie i have ever had!

my mutha. she is quite a woman. i love her so very much. and i am so thankful for her always being there for me. i can tell her anything. and i mean anything. probably things she doesn't even want to know. mamma, you're great. i miss you every day. hurry up and move back to CALIFORNIA! P.s. did you get the mother's day present we sent you in the mail?? i don't want to say what it is just in case you didn't get it yet...but it's big.

...I was going to put a lot more, but we all know how lazy i am. plus i feel like i just might pass out. i'll continue this next week.
enjoy your hump days. send me positive thoughts so i feel better! please and thank you.


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  1. Love, love, love the Mother's Day gift! Thank you so much, my thoughtful children, especially Michelle for ordering it ahead of time so I'd have it BEFORE Mother's Day :)
    Love you!!!



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