Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Junk Schmunk

1. Why do I feel like this is the longest week ever and it's only Tuesday? Maybe because...I'M GOING TO VEGAS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!! I don't know if you knew this about me, but I'm probably the most impatient person in the entire world. No, really. I don't understand the meaning of 'patience.' Probably never will...I have now become impatient with this topic. Moving on.

2. I've learned that Me + Reading = Good and Bad. Good? Well, for obvious reasons... I think it's great to "stimulate the mind," if you will...however, when it leads to me staying up till midnight every night because I can't put the book down....don't know how much "mind stimulation" that's really doing. Because right now, drinking my Grande Starbucks, my mind feels pretty muddled.

3. Last night, I discovered this iPhone App for dating called, "Zoosk." Somehow I found myself desperate enough to fill out my information to see what it was all about. First of all, being able to do this all from your PHONE seems kind of ghetto to me. Second of all, I was amazed to see how many profiles were on this thing. Third of all, they all looked like they were ex-convicts looking for their next murder. No thank you. I quickly deleted it. Then I had to smack myself to bring me back from my low point. Maybe for my 25th Birthday (July 23rd in case you were wondering), I'll sign myself up for eHarmony or Match.com....kidding....or am I?

4. So starting on May 13, I will be HOUSE SITTING for....The owner of my company. Yes, that is correct. For THREE WEEKS. He has this big 'ol house high up in the Mission Hills. How did it come about that I would be doing this? Well, he sent out an email to the company asking if anyone wanted to do it, and me being the ever-quick-to-jump-on-something-but-not-really-think-things-through type of person, I volunteered! Next thing you know, I've committed to 3 weeks of plant watering and bird feeding. PARTY TIME!!! Ha. Kidding. No, really...Kidding. BUT...if a few certain gals from the CRI clan whose name's rhyme with Ticki, Farah, and Damie wanted to come over for a girl's wine night...I'm sure that can be arranged. *hint hint*

5. I thought I had a lot more to talk about, but apparently I've run out of things to say. I'm sorry to disappoint all you stalkers. I know you'll go throughout the rest of your day VERY upset with this...


P.S. Is 10:30am too early to want a margarita and taco?



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