Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweatin' balls

It's a good thing I got to go home yesterday shortly after my blog post. My body was just not havin' it. I went home, straight to bed, straight to sleep for a good 7 hours. Woke up in a puddle of sweat. Went downstairs to watch American Idol and attempted to eat something. I got about half way through my Lean Cuisine lasagna and just couldn't deal with the pain from swallowing. I continued to sweat throughout American Idol, and I can tell you it wasn't because I was nervous (the results show isn't until tonight). As soon as AI was finished, I went upstairs and took a very hot bath to sweat some more. I could tell it was helping because I wasn't as achy. Then back to bed it was for me. Woke up this morning surprisingly much better. No more aches, no more eyeballs hurting. The only thing that still remains is my throat still hurts. Plus, when I look in the mirror and open my mouth as big as it can go, I can see my tonsils quite swollen. With white spots on them. I'm pretty sure it's tonsillitis or something like that. BUT, it definitely doesn't hurt as much as yesterday and I Googled "swollen tonsils with white spots" this morning and it says when your body is trying to fight off infection or bacteria, that can happen. So, yep... Guess that's it. 

It's Thursday. This makes me smile. I also woke up 2 pounds lighter today. Probably because I couldn't eat more than half of a Lean Cuisine. I'm starving. Time to go eat!!

Enjoy your day, lovelies. 


Fact #1 - I love this cake...if I ever get married, which, let's be honest, will probably never happen, I would LOVE to have this cake!!! 
Fact #2 - I don't even like to eat cake. Never have. But I like to look at pretty things...and this is just that.


  1. that is a beautiful cake indeed.

    have you taken your temperature lately? fever and chills is never a good sign, trust me.

  2. Ooooooo........gorgeous cake :)
    Glad you're better, Sweetheart.



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