Tuesday, April 19, 2011

List of Junkety Junk in my Trunkety Trunk

1. Last night, my dinner was popcorn and water. I didn't have time for anything else because I was far too busy bull-sh*tting a paper I had to write for school. Yes, I'm in school. Business Management. Only need 2 more classes. Then I'm DONE. I hate, hate, hate school....with a passion. So that was my Monday. It was not fun.

2. The highlight of my night was when I almost died...pathetic, NAKED, and alone in my bathroom.... But then I somehow mustered up the strength to kill that spider. That is one thing I miss about having a man around...saving me from treacherous, life-threatening, insects. Don't judge me.

3. Yesterday at work, we had a sample sale of all the crap that's been sitting downstairs... so I found a few items! 
This little wall thingy... Roomie really likes it too =)

This leather chair...for $15!!! ...and my flip flops.

4. Tonight, I'm supposed to be meeting a new friend. Her name is Alessandra and she lives in the same complex as me. I've never met her before though, we were introduced via FACEBOOK by a mutual friend...who's not even really a friend of mine so much as an acquaintance. Anyway, I feel like it's a blind date. I'm getting nervous. What will she think of me? Will we get along? Will she think I'm funny? We're supposed to be going to Fred's for Taco Tuesday... what if I drink too much and she thinks I'm an alcoholic? Which isn't very far from the truth....kidding...sort of. Anyway... I'll let you know how it goes! Wish me luck!

5. Got a few more pics from the Bachelorette party..

 Me, Lauren, Tori, Kim..

 Um...Tori got a little frisky with that penis paddle...

6. Only 10 more days until Las Vegas!! Super Duper excited =) =)

7. (ex)Boyfriend wants to have lunch today to "talk." ugh... not sure how I feel about that. 

8. Remember when I said there was that big white scrape on the front left bumper of The Black Panther?? Well, guess what? I bought some wax and a towel and I got it ALL off! Not a single scratch on there! Whoo-hoo! Now my beautiful car is back to its pristine condition... (knock on wood)

9. Last night, I stayed up until midnight huddled under my covers reading a very intense part of my book. I couldn't put it down! My friend/co-worker Vicki said she'd be in a book club with me. I wonder if she was just joking? Because I'd really like to do it. Vicki? Whaddya say? Eh? Eh? 

10. Listen here, you stalkers. I see how many people visit my blog each day. I get a few "anonymous" comments here and there... How about you become a FOLLOWER??? There are a few good things that will become of it. A) I won't look like such a loser with only 5 followers.... B) You will look MUCH cooler being associated with my kick-ass-cool-beans blog. You know you want to.

11. That's all I've got folks. Enjoy your Tuesday. Until next time...


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  1. Those things you bought at the sale look great! You're gradually getting your place fixed up. Less like a college dorm room and more like a home :) Love you!!!



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