Friday, April 15, 2011

List of Junk

1. I got this idea from a different blog I read. It's a good way to just write and ramble on about VERY IMPORTANT THINGS that I'm SURE all of you are DYING to hear.

2. Today is Friday and that makes me smile from the inside out. Tonight, Roomie and I are going Downtown (standard) to shake it. I might get to see my friend Phillip too which I haven't seen in For-evuh. So that should be fun.

3. Tomorrow I will be heading up to LA for my friend's Bachelorette party. Which I am ALSO excited about because I get to see my long lost friend, Kimberly. I haven't seen her since.......September.....2009? Do you see a trend here? I seem to have a hard time seeing friends on a regular basis. Although, Kim lives in Nor-Cal, so it's not really my fault! Stay tuned for some rockin' pictures of this grand affair.

4. As far as (ex)boyfriend goes, things have kind of gone back to how they were. Meaning, not talking to each other. I think it's best this way for now. We're still on good terms and I have no bad thoughts towards him. But he still doesn't want anything "serious," and that's that. Moving on.

5. My back right lower gum/tooth area is really hurting right now. I wonder if I got food stuck in it and it's making it sore? I should probably floss more to prevent these kinds of things. (cough) lazy (cough)

6. I just finished another book last night. I sure do have a lot of time to read these days. It's a crime scene/murder mystery/ultra intense book by Lisa Gardner. It's called, "Love You More." As soon as I was done, I'm pretty sure I said aloud, "Wow..that was intense!" And no, there was no one around me to hear. But now I am telling you! THEN...I got a little sad because I had nothing to read anymore. LITTLE DID I KNOW. Lisa Gardner has a whole series written!! So I quickly downloaded the next book to my Kindle. It's called, "Live to Tell." So far, so good! P.S. I really want to be in a book club. But I don't know anyone else that would. So for now, I have a book club...with myself.

7. Two weeks from today, I am going to Las Vegas for my brother's birthday. Roomie gets to come too. And in all of the 7 years we have known each other, we have NEVER been to Vegas together. We're quite excited. As I'm sure you are too.

8. Remember how I said for Lent, I was going to give up Fried Foods? You can read about that HERE. Anyway... I stuck to it! I only have another NINE days left. Not one french fry. And if you know me, you know I LOVE french fries. But, I was talking to my mom the other day and I said, "Are tortilla chips fried?" And she so graciously informed me that yes...yes they are. Um... I've had my fair share of chips and salsa through this whole Lent ShinDig. Taco Tuesday, hello? But, I don't really consider that fried, people. Give me some slack here.

9. The other day, my friend Chris called me at work and said, "Do me a favor and go check your car." Um... so I went to my car, and this is what I found:
My favorite wine, Pinot Grigio and my favorite thing that is keeping me ALIVE these days: Jamba Juice. I mean, how sweet is that? This is also the guy that left me Jamba Juice and red Sour Patch Kids (Because he knows I only like the red) at my doorstep...., I've had a few people tell me, HE IS IN LOVE WITH YOU. But no. Chris and I have been friends for EIGHT years. He is just a genuinely nice guy who I'm sure would do that for any of his other friends....right? No? Maybe?

10. So...also remember that girl I work with that I could swear up and down is preggers? Yep. I still think it. There is NO WAY she can attribute that BABY BUMP to a few "mixed up medications." I'm sorry. But you are going to go to the bathroom in a couple months, feel some pressure, think you're just taking a number 2, then find a very interesting surprise in the toilet. OR, she just doesn't want to tell anyone for various reasons, so she will take a "vacation" for 2 weeks to go have this said child, then come back with a flat stomach and say, "Hey! I figured out my meds, everything's great now!" And then never say anything about the new addition to her life. Can you tell I love drama? Can you also tell I have a wild imagination? Moving on.

11. American Idol was on last night. The kick-off one. I'm not here to talk about who got kicked off, because I don't really care one way or another. But what I AM going to say is this. Right before I started watching the show, I was on my phone looking at Facebook (because I'm a Facebook stalker, remember?) and then there is this ONE particular person that ALWAYS ruins the show by posting who got kicked off before we even SEE the show! Apparently, he goes online and figures out who it is then ruins it. Ugh. And I always forget that he does that, so I'll just be casually browsing and BAM! Now, I know. Great. And yes, I just dedicated a whole number in this list to American Idol ranting. If you don't like American Idol, then I apologize.

12. Enjoy the weekend, my loves. Until we meet again...


  1. RE: #10 I had a friend who looked preggers, but it turned out to be a cyst on her ovary. When she had the cyst removed her stomach went flat again. Hmmmm....I just realized this sounds like it could have been a real good excuse to cover up a pregnancy =(



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