Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's go Padres!

Here are the tickets I won from my company for tonight's game! Roomie and I are heading over there when I get off work. Notice they are located in the Premier big deal. AND...I may or may not be wearing Padres underwear to show some support for my team that may or may not look like these white ones:

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was quite delightful. I shall tell you why...I had a lot of rest time, play time, alone time, and friends time. Friday night, roomie and I went downtown with our friend Tori for a good old fashioned GIRLS NIGHT. We shook our tail feathers and danced the night away! Saturday I literally read in bed till...oh, about 5pm. I started a new book called "Love You More." It's a murder mystery...very good so far! Saturday night, I had dinner with (ex)(ex)boyfriend. (Has this gotten confusing?) We went to El Torito and chit chatted. It was a lot of fun, actually. Sunday, I rested some more, got a pedi, then went to a BBQ at my friend Sarah's house in Pacific Beach. Met some new people, had some drinks and really good salmon! Here's a pic of her view...SO JEALOUS:

The ONLY bummer of the weekend....I went out to my car and saw that The Black Panther has yet ANOTHER battle wound. Someone, something, somehow hit my front left bumper and left this big WHITE SCRAPE!!!!!! It's literally in the exact same place that the Old Lady Hit...poor Black Panther...been through so much in the short amount of time we've had together... 

ANYHOO...enjoy your Monday! =)

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