Friday, April 8, 2011

I know I say this every time...but TGIF.

i don't know what it was about this week, but i am so glad it's over. i've been really tired and just feeling drained, physically and emotionally. i'm ready for a fun weekend. not quite sure what that entails just yet...but i'm sure roomie and i can figure something out.

i was looking through pictures on my iPhone...and there are SO many of (ex)boyfriend and me. at what point am i supposed to delete them? or is it okay to keep for memories-sake? ugh. this weekend, it will be 3 weeks since "the break-up"...(but who's counting?). i think it's time i really move on. any suggestions on how? i know, i know...keep busy, keep busy, keep busy. i'm trying, really i am. but it's impossible to keep my mind on something else 24/7..and it sure doesn't help that he is the star of my dreams most nights. sheesh. get a grip, michelle.

anyway...enough of the Debbie Downer. time to enjoy the day! even though it's gloomy and cold out (come on California! Time to get HOT)..

Enjoy your weekend!! =)

See ya on the flip-side!

Pia Toscano sings goodbye on "American Idol"

**on a more serious note. i CANNOT believe PIA went home last night!!! That was a big mistake and I am ashamed with America. (Just kidding...sort of.)



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