Thursday, April 7, 2011

girl time & the news

last night, my new friend Sophie came over. she's from France and is married to my brother's friend. i met her a few months ago but we haven't been able to get together until now. i love listening to her talk. her accent is very cool and maybe i wish i had one too. we went to dinner at the Playa Grill & Margarita Bar. not gonna lie...for a place that has the words "margarita bar" in the NAME, you'd think their margaritas would be bomb dot com. i am sorry to tell you, my friends, this margarita was NOT bomb dot com. it was far too sugary and syrup-like. regardless, it was a fantastic happy hour and we walked out the door with it only being $16 plus tip!
it was nice having some girl time. hopefully we can hang out again soon!

i've been trying to get more involved with the news and events going on around me...but goodness, it is so depressing! for the past 2 mornings, there have been shootings to random cars driving on the 163 freeway at the same place and same time! they don't know who it is, but that's pretty scary. also, i just went to to check on things and it seems there has been ANOTHER big earthquake that hit Japan (just 1 month ago was the huge one). also, i'm scanning the headlines and it says: "13 killed in brazil school shooting." sheesh. it's no wonder i've stayed away from the news for so long. it's such a downer.

anyway. it's THURSDAY! and that is good news. because that means tomorrow is FRIDAY. which begins the weekend.

hope you all have a wonderful day. let's go make some positive events happen today!

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