Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Junk..can I get a whoop whoop!!

Good Morning, My Loves!!! Here I go...a little ramblin' time...

1. So the Royal Wedding is said and DONE with. Am I the only one who's a little relieved it's all done? Enough already. Sure, I may have looked at some clips and live footage of the wedding. Sure, I may have caught myself getting that starry-eyed, goofy smile on my face as I saw Prince William see Kate for the first time... But what I REALLY wanted to see was the dress....She looks stunning!

2. Today is a Venti kind of morning. I was so excited about going to Vegas today that it was hard for me to fall asleep! I didn't even have time to shower today...don't judge me. As soon as I get off work today at 4:00pm, I am headed straight home to pick up roomie and OFF WE GO TO CONQUER LAS VEGAS!!!! (Does anyone ever really conquer that place?)

3. Last night, I almost had a heart attack (I'm dramatic, remember?) when I saw THIS UGLY THING...It may not look that bad in this picture, but it definitely had me jumping up on the couch and leaping across the room like Tarzan to the other leather chair furthest away from this sucker. Thankfully, Chris and Rob were over last night and I made Rob kill it....Thank you for SAVING MY LIFE. Okay, enough of being girly, moving on.

4. Last night was the last episode that Michael Scott will be on The Office. I'm not gonna lie... I CRIED. I sure hope I wasn't the only one that cried on The Office! Maybe it's going to be that time of the month and I'm just a bit emotional? Goodbye, Michael Scott. You will be missed. It's been many good years with you.

P.S....The Vickster just sent me this after reading my blog...I love it! 

5. I'm feeling much much better today. I'm probably at about 90%. Throat is doing much better. You see what a crap-ton of water and lots of sleep can do for you?? Medicine? Who needs it!

6. So as you know (or don't), I am half Asian (half Korean to be exact). Based on common stereotypes, Asians love to gamble. I will not deny myself that stereotype. I love it. I mean...Loooooovvveeeee it. I don't know if it's just my competitive nature or my love for money, but oh-man...plop me in a casino and I will look like a kid on Christmas morning. There isn't one particular game that I stick to either. I love craps, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, Texas Hold-em, you name it. I would like to think I'm a GREAT gambler and I win EVERY time. Um..yeah.. not so much. I would probably say the most I've ever won at one time is $800....That was 2 years ago. Last year, alone, I lost about $1200. You do the math. (I bet my mother is cringing as she reads this). But, listen up, people! I am NOT a quitter!!! I will persevere! I will fight to win! If it ever gets to the point where I'm taking cash advances from my credit card, then you can intervene. Until then, I don't wanna hear it.

7. Yesterday, I went to eat with The Ex. We went to Souplantation. Classy, I know. Take note, HE asked ME to go. So as we're walking in, he says, "Hey, so uh...You think you can spot me on this one? I'm kind of low on cash. As in...I have $22 in my account." Uh.......say, what? So, me being the EVER SO NICE one, pay. But, I mean, really? Okay, fine, he's a full-time law student. He doesn't have a job. He's busy studying. Blah, blah, blah. Granted, he waits till the last possible dollar before he asks his parents for money because he hates doing it. But, hey. How about don't ask me to go to eat if you can't even pay for yourself! Jeez. Now, listen. I'm not the type of girl that expects the guy to pay for her. I am self-sufficient, I have an income, I am financially responsible, and I can take care of myself. But at least have the decency to pay for yourself, man! I told him when he's a "Big Shot Lawyer," he owes me about 326 fancy schmancy dinners to make up for all the crap I paid for when we were dating. Then he gave his hearty and infectious laugh, and it made me a little less irritated. 

8. You may be asking, "Why is Michelle still hanging out with The Ex?" Or, you may not be asking that because you couldn't care less about my life. But I know you care...otherwise, why are you reading this right now? Huh?? ...Stalkers. 
Anyway. Let me explain. I do not hold grudges. I just can't do it (unless your name is Princess Sophia...more on that later). I like to live in the present and I like to focus on the positive. If I held on to all the negative things people did to me, I'd live a pretty miserable life. ERGO...I will be cordial, I will be friendly, I will be nice. He graduates from Law School on May 14. That's only a few weeks away. Then he's moving back home to study for the Bar, which is in July, then I believe he is taking an internship in Los Angeles starting in August. So if you think about it, I really won't be seeing much of him after 2 weeks. I might as well have fun and leave things on a good note. Too nice? Yeah, that's what Roomie says. She pretty much despises the guy...Eh, what can I say... As cliche as this is, Life's too short to be upset about the past. Is that even a cliche?

9. Okay, homework assignment for you all: Have a LOVELY weekend. Do something fun. Drink that extra drink that you probably shouldn't. Sleep in an extra hour. Do something outside and enjoy the weather. Show your hubby/wifey/boyfriend/girlfriend/family just how much you love them. 

I'll be at the pool, enjoying one of these:




  1. How did you know that I'd be cringing at just the moment you said I'd be ?!? Psychic...
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend and be sure to give Matthew a big hug for me.
    Hope PS ends up staying home :) (Too mean?)



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