Monday, April 25, 2011


Goooooooood Day To You!

           Me and the Father...Easter Sunday

Hope you all had a lovely Easter! Mine was...interesting. I am not Catholic and though I am half Korean, I do not speak the language. So, why did I go to Korean Catholic church for Easter? Good question... Roomie and I got the urge to go to church for Easter. But then come Sunday morning, Roomie decided to sleep in and I got myself dressed and met my Dad, brother, and his g/f Katie (who IS Korean and who IS Catholic). 
After about 3 stand up/sit down rituals during the service, I got bored and sat the rest of the time. I mean, how much can I really do when I don't understand a word they're saying??
Moving on.

After that, we went to Korean BBQ. Now THAT...I can understand. Mmm... So good.

Let's see... Friday, Roomie and I went to ANOTHER baseball game. But then left after the 3rd inning. A) We got bored and the Padres were highly disappointing and B) We wanted to go shake our tail feathers. So that's that.

We take our Padres seriously at work...


For ONE SPLIT second, did you think I was engaged???? Wrong. BUT, my brother Michael and his Baby Mamma, Taylor ARE!!!
He popped the question yesterday on a HOT AIR BALLOON ride for her Birthday =)


Have a Fab Monday!
If you're anything like me this have glasses on, grundgy clothes, and lots of coffee.

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  1. Well, I have glasses on, lots of coffee and maybe just a little bit grungy clothes. Are we twins?? ;)



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