Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools

last night: let's recap.

(ex)boyfriend contacted for the first time in 2 weeks wanting to know if I had
A) his white button down 
and B) his blanket 
Um.....???!!!?!?!!?    <------that was my initial reaction. 
BUT, I decided to be cordial and play it cool. told him i had the blanket but not the shirt and that i also had his tool set. long story short, he ended up coming over last night to gather his things.
thankfully, i had a few cocktails before he got there so i wasn't such a nervous wreck.
roomie said i did a great job. i was positive, happy, and confident (was i??). 
it was interesting. we joked. we laughed. we were nice. don't have much else to say about that.
i'm still processing.

anyhoo...i wish you all a wonderful friday, april fools day, and month of april...

see you monday!



  1. Hey Mishy-poop.
    So I know this isn't the BEST time to start following your blog ( Meaning I have to comment on the post about your (ex)boyfirend) BUT I found this blog not to long ago and I love a good blog I am :) Im excited to see you for Lo's B-party!

  2. Thanks, Kimchi-son :) Glad to have a new "follower!" Excited to see you in a few weeks!



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