Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Junk..can I get a whoop whoop!!

Good Morning, My Loves!!! Here I go...a little ramblin' time...

1. So the Royal Wedding is said and DONE with. Am I the only one who's a little relieved it's all done? Enough already. Sure, I may have looked at some clips and live footage of the wedding. Sure, I may have caught myself getting that starry-eyed, goofy smile on my face as I saw Prince William see Kate for the first time... But what I REALLY wanted to see was the dress....She looks stunning!

2. Today is a Venti kind of morning. I was so excited about going to Vegas today that it was hard for me to fall asleep! I didn't even have time to shower today...don't judge me. As soon as I get off work today at 4:00pm, I am headed straight home to pick up roomie and OFF WE GO TO CONQUER LAS VEGAS!!!! (Does anyone ever really conquer that place?)

3. Last night, I almost had a heart attack (I'm dramatic, remember?) when I saw THIS UGLY THING...It may not look that bad in this picture, but it definitely had me jumping up on the couch and leaping across the room like Tarzan to the other leather chair furthest away from this sucker. Thankfully, Chris and Rob were over last night and I made Rob kill it....Thank you for SAVING MY LIFE. Okay, enough of being girly, moving on.

4. Last night was the last episode that Michael Scott will be on The Office. I'm not gonna lie... I CRIED. I sure hope I wasn't the only one that cried on The Office! Maybe it's going to be that time of the month and I'm just a bit emotional? Goodbye, Michael Scott. You will be missed. It's been many good years with you.

P.S....The Vickster just sent me this after reading my blog...I love it! 

5. I'm feeling much much better today. I'm probably at about 90%. Throat is doing much better. You see what a crap-ton of water and lots of sleep can do for you?? Medicine? Who needs it!

6. So as you know (or don't), I am half Asian (half Korean to be exact). Based on common stereotypes, Asians love to gamble. I will not deny myself that stereotype. I love it. I mean...Loooooovvveeeee it. I don't know if it's just my competitive nature or my love for money, but oh-man...plop me in a casino and I will look like a kid on Christmas morning. There isn't one particular game that I stick to either. I love craps, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, Texas Hold-em, you name it. I would like to think I'm a GREAT gambler and I win EVERY time. Um..yeah.. not so much. I would probably say the most I've ever won at one time is $800....That was 2 years ago. Last year, alone, I lost about $1200. You do the math. (I bet my mother is cringing as she reads this). But, listen up, people! I am NOT a quitter!!! I will persevere! I will fight to win! If it ever gets to the point where I'm taking cash advances from my credit card, then you can intervene. Until then, I don't wanna hear it.

7. Yesterday, I went to eat with The Ex. We went to Souplantation. Classy, I know. Take note, HE asked ME to go. So as we're walking in, he says, "Hey, so uh...You think you can spot me on this one? I'm kind of low on cash. As in...I have $22 in my account." Uh.......say, what? So, me being the EVER SO NICE one, pay. But, I mean, really? Okay, fine, he's a full-time law student. He doesn't have a job. He's busy studying. Blah, blah, blah. Granted, he waits till the last possible dollar before he asks his parents for money because he hates doing it. But, hey. How about don't ask me to go to eat if you can't even pay for yourself! Jeez. Now, listen. I'm not the type of girl that expects the guy to pay for her. I am self-sufficient, I have an income, I am financially responsible, and I can take care of myself. But at least have the decency to pay for yourself, man! I told him when he's a "Big Shot Lawyer," he owes me about 326 fancy schmancy dinners to make up for all the crap I paid for when we were dating. Then he gave his hearty and infectious laugh, and it made me a little less irritated. 

8. You may be asking, "Why is Michelle still hanging out with The Ex?" Or, you may not be asking that because you couldn't care less about my life. But I know you care...otherwise, why are you reading this right now? Huh?? ...Stalkers. 
Anyway. Let me explain. I do not hold grudges. I just can't do it (unless your name is Princess Sophia...more on that later). I like to live in the present and I like to focus on the positive. If I held on to all the negative things people did to me, I'd live a pretty miserable life. ERGO...I will be cordial, I will be friendly, I will be nice. He graduates from Law School on May 14. That's only a few weeks away. Then he's moving back home to study for the Bar, which is in July, then I believe he is taking an internship in Los Angeles starting in August. So if you think about it, I really won't be seeing much of him after 2 weeks. I might as well have fun and leave things on a good note. Too nice? Yeah, that's what Roomie says. She pretty much despises the guy...Eh, what can I say... As cliche as this is, Life's too short to be upset about the past. Is that even a cliche?

9. Okay, homework assignment for you all: Have a LOVELY weekend. Do something fun. Drink that extra drink that you probably shouldn't. Sleep in an extra hour. Do something outside and enjoy the weather. Show your hubby/wifey/boyfriend/girlfriend/family just how much you love them. 

I'll be at the pool, enjoying one of these:



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweatin' balls

It's a good thing I got to go home yesterday shortly after my blog post. My body was just not havin' it. I went home, straight to bed, straight to sleep for a good 7 hours. Woke up in a puddle of sweat. Went downstairs to watch American Idol and attempted to eat something. I got about half way through my Lean Cuisine lasagna and just couldn't deal with the pain from swallowing. I continued to sweat throughout American Idol, and I can tell you it wasn't because I was nervous (the results show isn't until tonight). As soon as AI was finished, I went upstairs and took a very hot bath to sweat some more. I could tell it was helping because I wasn't as achy. Then back to bed it was for me. Woke up this morning surprisingly much better. No more aches, no more eyeballs hurting. The only thing that still remains is my throat still hurts. Plus, when I look in the mirror and open my mouth as big as it can go, I can see my tonsils quite swollen. With white spots on them. I'm pretty sure it's tonsillitis or something like that. BUT, it definitely doesn't hurt as much as yesterday and I Googled "swollen tonsils with white spots" this morning and it says when your body is trying to fight off infection or bacteria, that can happen. So, yep... Guess that's it. 

It's Thursday. This makes me smile. I also woke up 2 pounds lighter today. Probably because I couldn't eat more than half of a Lean Cuisine. I'm starving. Time to go eat!!

Enjoy your day, lovelies. 


Fact #1 - I love this cake...if I ever get married, which, let's be honest, will probably never happen, I would LOVE to have this cake!!! 
Fact #2 - I don't even like to eat cake. Never have. But I like to look at pretty things...and this is just that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday... Thanks?

you ever get sick enough to the point where your eyeballs hurt? that's me. my body aches. i nearly pass out from the pain every time i swallow. and i'm supposed to be going to las vegas in TWO days. do you think if i chant: "i feel healthy, i feel healthy, i feel healthy" enough times, it will actually work? i feel like poo. i probably look it too. is this what it feels like to die? ugghhh....but the show must go on. it is wednesday. today i need to make it a point to be thankful for some things... ready? set? go.

**today's Wednesday Thanks will be dedicated to a few people in my life**

phillip and i have known each other since 2003, but maybe have seen each other a total of 6 different times. he's moving to korea on monday to help out at a rehab-cancer clinic for a whole year! i saw him last night for a few hours and i am very thankful for our friendship. i always know we'll have a great time when we hang out. (p.s. he'll also be in vegas this weekend, so we better get to hang out!!)

jen (roomie) and i have known each other since 2004 where we met at the fashion institute of design and merchandising for college. she originally didn't like me because the first time she met me was during class when we had a presentation due and i was the girl that was very prepared and she had completely forgotten about it. she was just jealous probably. she's the best roomie i have ever had!

my mutha. she is quite a woman. i love her so very much. and i am so thankful for her always being there for me. i can tell her anything. and i mean anything. probably things she doesn't even want to know. mamma, you're great. i miss you every day. hurry up and move back to CALIFORNIA! P.s. did you get the mother's day present we sent you in the mail?? i don't want to say what it is just in case you didn't get it yet...but it's big.

...I was going to put a lot more, but we all know how lazy i am. plus i feel like i just might pass out. i'll continue this next week.
enjoy your hump days. send me positive thoughts so i feel better! please and thank you.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Junk Schmunk

1. Why do I feel like this is the longest week ever and it's only Tuesday? Maybe because...I'M GOING TO VEGAS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!! I don't know if you knew this about me, but I'm probably the most impatient person in the entire world. No, really. I don't understand the meaning of 'patience.' Probably never will...I have now become impatient with this topic. Moving on.

2. I've learned that Me + Reading = Good and Bad. Good? Well, for obvious reasons... I think it's great to "stimulate the mind," if you will...however, when it leads to me staying up till midnight every night because I can't put the book down....don't know how much "mind stimulation" that's really doing. Because right now, drinking my Grande Starbucks, my mind feels pretty muddled.

3. Last night, I discovered this iPhone App for dating called, "Zoosk." Somehow I found myself desperate enough to fill out my information to see what it was all about. First of all, being able to do this all from your PHONE seems kind of ghetto to me. Second of all, I was amazed to see how many profiles were on this thing. Third of all, they all looked like they were ex-convicts looking for their next murder. No thank you. I quickly deleted it. Then I had to smack myself to bring me back from my low point. Maybe for my 25th Birthday (July 23rd in case you were wondering), I'll sign myself up for eHarmony or am I?

4. So starting on May 13, I will be HOUSE SITTING for....The owner of my company. Yes, that is correct. For THREE WEEKS. He has this big 'ol house high up in the Mission Hills. How did it come about that I would be doing this? Well, he sent out an email to the company asking if anyone wanted to do it, and me being the ever-quick-to-jump-on-something-but-not-really-think-things-through type of person, I volunteered! Next thing you know, I've committed to 3 weeks of plant watering and bird feeding. PARTY TIME!!! Ha. Kidding. No, really...Kidding. BUT...if a few certain gals from the CRI clan whose name's rhyme with Ticki, Farah, and Damie wanted to come over for a girl's wine night...I'm sure that can be arranged. *hint hint*

5. I thought I had a lot more to talk about, but apparently I've run out of things to say. I'm sorry to disappoint all you stalkers. I know you'll go throughout the rest of your day VERY upset with this...


P.S. Is 10:30am too early to want a margarita and taco?

Monday, April 25, 2011


Goooooooood Day To You!

           Me and the Father...Easter Sunday

Hope you all had a lovely Easter! Mine was...interesting. I am not Catholic and though I am half Korean, I do not speak the language. So, why did I go to Korean Catholic church for Easter? Good question... Roomie and I got the urge to go to church for Easter. But then come Sunday morning, Roomie decided to sleep in and I got myself dressed and met my Dad, brother, and his g/f Katie (who IS Korean and who IS Catholic). 
After about 3 stand up/sit down rituals during the service, I got bored and sat the rest of the time. I mean, how much can I really do when I don't understand a word they're saying??
Moving on.

After that, we went to Korean BBQ. Now THAT...I can understand. Mmm... So good.

Let's see... Friday, Roomie and I went to ANOTHER baseball game. But then left after the 3rd inning. A) We got bored and the Padres were highly disappointing and B) We wanted to go shake our tail feathers. So that's that.

We take our Padres seriously at work...


For ONE SPLIT second, did you think I was engaged???? Wrong. BUT, my brother Michael and his Baby Mamma, Taylor ARE!!!
He popped the question yesterday on a HOT AIR BALLOON ride for her Birthday =)


Have a Fab Monday!
If you're anything like me this have glasses on, grundgy clothes, and lots of coffee.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday, Padres, and a little Cough to boot...

Good Day My Dears...

Yesterday, I had EVERY INTENTION of going to work out when I got home from work. But then, Alessandra asked if I wanted to go to the hot tub. I mean, how could I turn that down? I'm building a friendship here, and isn't that FAR more important than making my buns and abs turn to steel? It was a nice little hot tub sesh. Afterwards, my friend Chris came over and we watched American Idol. Goodbye, Stefano...I will miss looking at your cutie-patootie face and thinking to myself, "If only he was 12 inches taller, I'd REALLY be into him then..." As if I have all the chances in the world to meet him and better yet, date him(??)...I think my single life has made me delirious...and yet still, very picky.

This morning, I went to Starbucks. I've been going to this particular location for about 8 months now. I order the exact same thing (sometimes, a slight variation): Grande (or Venti depending on how much sleep I got the night before) Pike's Place (which is just regular coffee) and a Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich. Never fails. That's what I get. FINALLY....this morning, I step up to the register, ready to give my order, when she looks at me and says, "Turkey bacon, right? And a coffee? Grande?" I smiled with appreciation. It's about dang time someone remembers! Or maybe that's just a sign that I go to Starbucks too often? 

I'm going to share something with you. You may or may not want to hear. It's kind of gross (to most, not to me). In the time it's taken me to type out this blog, I have coughed and hocked up 2 full sized loogies and spit them in my trash can next to me. You're probably asking why I felt the need to share this information. I don't have a reason. Other than the fact, that it's quite possible I'm getting sick. Michelle does not get sick. Michelle is a firm believer in positive thinking for my health and it has somehow worked thus far. (Why am I talking in the 3rd person?) However, Roomie has been coughing for weeks now. And me, being the ever so confident one, has been drinking out of the same drinks, sitting very close, yadda thing you know, I'm coughing myself to sleep and hocking up loogies while I write my blog. End of discussion. Moving on.

Tonight, I'm going to another Padres game. HR lady came up to me yesterday and said, "Would you like the company tickets for the Padres game tomorrow night? Someone can't go anymore." Why yes, HR lady...yes, I would like the box seats. Thank you very much. Score for me and Roomie.

It's Friday...that means I have absolutely zero drive to work today...How 'bout you?

Enjoy that weekend, my lovelies. I know you'll miss me terribly...No? Is that just me? I think I'm delirious...time to drink my coffee.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh, my Korean Father...and some other junk

Yesterday, my Dad called me 3 times in a matter of 4 minutes.

First convo:
Dad: "Shella, do you still use your Amazon Kendall and Kendall?" 
Me: "I'm sorry, my what??"
Dad: "Your Kendall and Kendall.."
Me: "You mean, my KINDLE??"
Dad: "Yeah, that."

Second convo (30 seconds after that one):
Dad: "You know why I thought it was Kendall and Kendall?"
Me: "No, Dad. Why?"
Dad: "Because there's this muscle testing therapy book called that."
Me: "Oh... makes perfect sense why you would confuse the two.....??"

Third convo (10 seconds after that):
Dad: "Every time I hang up, I remember something else I wanted to say."
Me: "What is it?"
Dad: "When we go to Vegas next Friday, maybe we could drive together?"
Me: "Only if we take your SUV..."
Dad: "Okay, great. But actually, maybe not. Don't hold me to it. I may have to let you know last minute if we can drive together."
Me: "Okay, dad...just let me know."
Dad: "Okay, thanks. Hopefully I won't have to call you back... Bye."

I love my Dad and all of his Korean, foreign, glory....


-Last night, I went Downtown with Roomie. We met our friend Billy for dinner at J Six. It was pretty good, actually. But I think I was enjoying my Vodka Cran more than my filet mignon... He lives in Little Italy, which is a good 20 minute walk from where we had dinner. But, I gladly welcomed the walk back because A) I wasn't wearing heels and B) I haven't worked out in about 18 years, so it was probably good to get some exercise in.
Isn't this such a cool platter? Compliments from the chef! (I stuck with the cheese and almonds...I don't know about that other stuff...)

-Yesterday, I had a customer call me. Her name is Maria. She's from Yonkers, NY. She ordered something from us and wanted to check and see if it was sent. to describe Maria. She has this low, raspy voice that she says is from smoking. She has the energy of a 5-year-old, and she THOROUGHLY enjoys coloring in (NOT drawing) pictures like the one below: Maria calls me...talking up a storm, then she says in her BEST ASIAN accent: "I pay. Yoo send now! I paay. Yoo send Now!" (I'm pretty sure she said it 3 more times) Little does she know, I am HALF as Asian as they come (not really). I could not stop laughing. She thought I was laughing at her "impeccable" Asian impression. When, I was REALLY laughing because of how ironic I thought the whole thing was. Good ol' Maria... 

---Time to go get my morning coffee. And yes, it's from work, not Starbucks... I know, I know... I'm being resourceful... Or maybe, I just woke up late.


P.S. The last time I said all you stalkers should just become FOLLOWERS of my blog, I got one more addition to the family!!! So... again, I see you. I know you're there. Come...let's get to know each other...come on out of those shadows. Muah!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Thanks!

Hear ye! Hear ye! It's time to take a moment and be thankful! Why? Because it's good for ya!

SO. Today... I am thankful for:

**My new friend, Alessandra. Last night, we spent 4 hours in Old Town, San Diego enjoying some tacos and margaritas. It wasn't awkward at all, for just meeting her for the first time! We both can talk, talk, and talk some more. We have a lot of similarities and know a lot of the same people. I'm stealing a picture off of her Facebook so you can see what she looks like...(Is that Creeper status, or what?) If she ever gets the PRIVILEGE of reading my blog, I hope she's not alarmed to see her face here... Isn't she cute??

**This morning, I woke up to a text message from my brother that he sent at 12:47am...this is what it said (disregard the first couple from April 15):
It made me laugh...and it's not often I wake up at 6:00am with an urge to laugh. So, thank you Brother, your texts made my morning!

**So.....yesterday, remember how I said (ex)Boyfriend wanted to get lunch? I decided I would do it. A casual encounter in public. No alcohol involved. No texting back and forth. Just straight face-to-face talk. We met for Jamba Juice. Why is this subject on my "Wednesday Thanks" post? Because I am thankful that we can be on good terms and still have good laughs and convo. Granted, at the end of our visit, it kind of got heavy. Not to bore you with the details, but he basically asked, "What can I do or say to show you that I can be the kind of man you want/need?" And I replied with: "It's not what you say anymore, because actions speak louder than words. However, with that said, nothing you do right now will really convince me otherwise because it's too soon. I want you to focus on you for awhile. Better yourself, focus on what you want, finish school (done next month), do your thing...down the road? Who knows.. but right now, let's just be on good terms." And that was that. No tension or bad feelings... I feel good. And for that...I am thankful.

**My scale was very nice to me this morning...even with my taco/margarita/chips n Salsa binge last night

What are YOU thankful for today? Just one thing, and I promise you'll feel good =)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

List of Junkety Junk in my Trunkety Trunk

1. Last night, my dinner was popcorn and water. I didn't have time for anything else because I was far too busy bull-sh*tting a paper I had to write for school. Yes, I'm in school. Business Management. Only need 2 more classes. Then I'm DONE. I hate, hate, hate school....with a passion. So that was my Monday. It was not fun.

2. The highlight of my night was when I almost died...pathetic, NAKED, and alone in my bathroom.... But then I somehow mustered up the strength to kill that spider. That is one thing I miss about having a man around...saving me from treacherous, life-threatening, insects. Don't judge me.

3. Yesterday at work, we had a sample sale of all the crap that's been sitting downstairs... so I found a few items! 
This little wall thingy... Roomie really likes it too =)

This leather chair...for $15!!! ...and my flip flops.

4. Tonight, I'm supposed to be meeting a new friend. Her name is Alessandra and she lives in the same complex as me. I've never met her before though, we were introduced via FACEBOOK by a mutual friend...who's not even really a friend of mine so much as an acquaintance. Anyway, I feel like it's a blind date. I'm getting nervous. What will she think of me? Will we get along? Will she think I'm funny? We're supposed to be going to Fred's for Taco Tuesday... what if I drink too much and she thinks I'm an alcoholic? Which isn't very far from the truth....kidding...sort of. Anyway... I'll let you know how it goes! Wish me luck!

5. Got a few more pics from the Bachelorette party..

 Me, Lauren, Tori, Kim..

 Um...Tori got a little frisky with that penis paddle...

6. Only 10 more days until Las Vegas!! Super Duper excited =) =)

7. (ex)Boyfriend wants to have lunch today to "talk." ugh... not sure how I feel about that. 

8. Remember when I said there was that big white scrape on the front left bumper of The Black Panther?? Well, guess what? I bought some wax and a towel and I got it ALL off! Not a single scratch on there! Whoo-hoo! Now my beautiful car is back to its pristine condition... (knock on wood)

9. Last night, I stayed up until midnight huddled under my covers reading a very intense part of my book. I couldn't put it down! My friend/co-worker Vicki said she'd be in a book club with me. I wonder if she was just joking? Because I'd really like to do it. Vicki? Whaddya say? Eh? Eh? 

10. Listen here, you stalkers. I see how many people visit my blog each day. I get a few "anonymous" comments here and there... How about you become a FOLLOWER??? There are a few good things that will become of it. A) I won't look like such a loser with only 5 followers.... B) You will look MUCH cooler being associated with my kick-ass-cool-beans blog. You know you want to.

11. That's all I've got folks. Enjoy your Tuesday. Until next time...


Monday, April 18, 2011

Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays

...Not really, I just wanted to say that.

How was everybody's weekend? Mine went WAY TOO quick.

Quick Recap:

Friday night: Roomie and I hit up D-Town. What else is new? Went to a couple bars, shook our tail feathers a little, preceded to stay up way past our bedtimes.

Saturday: Hopped in The Black Panther and went to pick up Kim and Tori to go to El Lay (a.k.a. L.A., a.k.a. Los get it). It was our friend's (of almost TWENTY years, sheesh how old are we getting?!) Bachelorette party! We had some drinks poolside, we stayed at a really great hotel on Sunset, we went to Club Voyeur and shook it, got to catch up with friends, then hit the hay! There are many photos that I will soon post (cough) Kim, I need the pics (cough).

ANYWAY...Yesterday was spent with Roomie, running errands, then having a 4 hour Sex and the City marathon. So here I am... on a Monday, once again.

Enjoy your coffees this morning. I know I need it.

Heading up in the Black Panther! 

Me and Kim - reunited! **Had so much fun with you Girlfriend!

Lauren, the Bachelorette! Congrats, lady!


Friday, April 15, 2011

List of Junk

1. I got this idea from a different blog I read. It's a good way to just write and ramble on about VERY IMPORTANT THINGS that I'm SURE all of you are DYING to hear.

2. Today is Friday and that makes me smile from the inside out. Tonight, Roomie and I are going Downtown (standard) to shake it. I might get to see my friend Phillip too which I haven't seen in For-evuh. So that should be fun.

3. Tomorrow I will be heading up to LA for my friend's Bachelorette party. Which I am ALSO excited about because I get to see my long lost friend, Kimberly. I haven't seen her since.......September.....2009? Do you see a trend here? I seem to have a hard time seeing friends on a regular basis. Although, Kim lives in Nor-Cal, so it's not really my fault! Stay tuned for some rockin' pictures of this grand affair.

4. As far as (ex)boyfriend goes, things have kind of gone back to how they were. Meaning, not talking to each other. I think it's best this way for now. We're still on good terms and I have no bad thoughts towards him. But he still doesn't want anything "serious," and that's that. Moving on.

5. My back right lower gum/tooth area is really hurting right now. I wonder if I got food stuck in it and it's making it sore? I should probably floss more to prevent these kinds of things. (cough) lazy (cough)

6. I just finished another book last night. I sure do have a lot of time to read these days. It's a crime scene/murder mystery/ultra intense book by Lisa Gardner. It's called, "Love You More." As soon as I was done, I'm pretty sure I said aloud, "Wow..that was intense!" And no, there was no one around me to hear. But now I am telling you! THEN...I got a little sad because I had nothing to read anymore. LITTLE DID I KNOW. Lisa Gardner has a whole series written!! So I quickly downloaded the next book to my Kindle. It's called, "Live to Tell." So far, so good! P.S. I really want to be in a book club. But I don't know anyone else that would. So for now, I have a book club...with myself.

7. Two weeks from today, I am going to Las Vegas for my brother's birthday. Roomie gets to come too. And in all of the 7 years we have known each other, we have NEVER been to Vegas together. We're quite excited. As I'm sure you are too.

8. Remember how I said for Lent, I was going to give up Fried Foods? You can read about that HERE. Anyway... I stuck to it! I only have another NINE days left. Not one french fry. And if you know me, you know I LOVE french fries. But, I was talking to my mom the other day and I said, "Are tortilla chips fried?" And she so graciously informed me that yes...yes they are. Um... I've had my fair share of chips and salsa through this whole Lent ShinDig. Taco Tuesday, hello? But, I don't really consider that fried, people. Give me some slack here.

9. The other day, my friend Chris called me at work and said, "Do me a favor and go check your car." Um... so I went to my car, and this is what I found:
My favorite wine, Pinot Grigio and my favorite thing that is keeping me ALIVE these days: Jamba Juice. I mean, how sweet is that? This is also the guy that left me Jamba Juice and red Sour Patch Kids (Because he knows I only like the red) at my doorstep...., I've had a few people tell me, HE IS IN LOVE WITH YOU. But no. Chris and I have been friends for EIGHT years. He is just a genuinely nice guy who I'm sure would do that for any of his other friends....right? No? Maybe?

10. So...also remember that girl I work with that I could swear up and down is preggers? Yep. I still think it. There is NO WAY she can attribute that BABY BUMP to a few "mixed up medications." I'm sorry. But you are going to go to the bathroom in a couple months, feel some pressure, think you're just taking a number 2, then find a very interesting surprise in the toilet. OR, she just doesn't want to tell anyone for various reasons, so she will take a "vacation" for 2 weeks to go have this said child, then come back with a flat stomach and say, "Hey! I figured out my meds, everything's great now!" And then never say anything about the new addition to her life. Can you tell I love drama? Can you also tell I have a wild imagination? Moving on.

11. American Idol was on last night. The kick-off one. I'm not here to talk about who got kicked off, because I don't really care one way or another. But what I AM going to say is this. Right before I started watching the show, I was on my phone looking at Facebook (because I'm a Facebook stalker, remember?) and then there is this ONE particular person that ALWAYS ruins the show by posting who got kicked off before we even SEE the show! Apparently, he goes online and figures out who it is then ruins it. Ugh. And I always forget that he does that, so I'll just be casually browsing and BAM! Now, I know. Great. And yes, I just dedicated a whole number in this list to American Idol ranting. If you don't like American Idol, then I apologize.

12. Enjoy the weekend, my loves. Until we meet again...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I know...But...

I know I probably shouldn't have drank that ENTIRE bottle of wine last night...But it's quite possible I'm turning into an alcoholic. Not really...but maybe.

I know I should probably be eating more than just Jamba Juice these days...But I'm kind of liking the fact that I've lost 14 pounds and my clothes are fitting much better. Just FIVE more pounds, ok? Plus, I'm SEVERELY depressed still from the break-up, remember?? (duh) ...Whatever. Don't judge me.

I know I should wash fruit before I eat it...But I rarely (never) do. We all know I'm far too lazy and impatient for such shenanigans.

I know I should actually go to the gym...But sometimes I think my 10 squats and 10 crunches once a week are just as good.

I know I shouldn't be drinking Diet soda or Sweet n Low's because of all the bad chemicals like Aspartame (thanks, mom)...But it's just SO good, with guilt-free pleasure! Am I right?

I know I should "save the trees..." But every time I wash my hands, somehow it's mandatory that I get 3 (not 2, not 4) paper towels to dry...umm....OCD much?

I know I shouldn't ASSUME...But I'm pretty sure I know exactly who scraped the Black Panther last weekend. Will I confront said person? No. Because I have CLASS, people.

I know I should probably save money and just drink the FREE coffee at work each morning...But, Starbucks is just so dang good. I seriously think they put some form of liquid CRACK in it to make us all addicted. Just a theory. For what it's worth, I didn't go to S-Bux today...and it may or may not be because I woke up late and just didn't have time.

I know I should probably start working right now...But I have some important Blog Reading to do right now.

Happy Thursday ya'll...ONE. MORE. DAY!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Thanks!

TOdaY...i am thankful for...

this little man...he turns ONE today! i still can't believe one year ago, today..the cutest nephew in the world was born! Time sure does fly...


Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's go Padres!

Here are the tickets I won from my company for tonight's game! Roomie and I are heading over there when I get off work. Notice they are located in the Premier big deal. AND...I may or may not be wearing Padres underwear to show some support for my team that may or may not look like these white ones:

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was quite delightful. I shall tell you why...I had a lot of rest time, play time, alone time, and friends time. Friday night, roomie and I went downtown with our friend Tori for a good old fashioned GIRLS NIGHT. We shook our tail feathers and danced the night away! Saturday I literally read in bed till...oh, about 5pm. I started a new book called "Love You More." It's a murder mystery...very good so far! Saturday night, I had dinner with (ex)(ex)boyfriend. (Has this gotten confusing?) We went to El Torito and chit chatted. It was a lot of fun, actually. Sunday, I rested some more, got a pedi, then went to a BBQ at my friend Sarah's house in Pacific Beach. Met some new people, had some drinks and really good salmon! Here's a pic of her view...SO JEALOUS:

The ONLY bummer of the weekend....I went out to my car and saw that The Black Panther has yet ANOTHER battle wound. Someone, something, somehow hit my front left bumper and left this big WHITE SCRAPE!!!!!! It's literally in the exact same place that the Old Lady Hit...poor Black Panther...been through so much in the short amount of time we've had together... 

ANYHOO...enjoy your Monday! =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

I know I say this every time...but TGIF.

i don't know what it was about this week, but i am so glad it's over. i've been really tired and just feeling drained, physically and emotionally. i'm ready for a fun weekend. not quite sure what that entails just yet...but i'm sure roomie and i can figure something out.

i was looking through pictures on my iPhone...and there are SO many of (ex)boyfriend and me. at what point am i supposed to delete them? or is it okay to keep for memories-sake? ugh. this weekend, it will be 3 weeks since "the break-up"...(but who's counting?). i think it's time i really move on. any suggestions on how? i know, i know...keep busy, keep busy, keep busy. i'm trying, really i am. but it's impossible to keep my mind on something else 24/7..and it sure doesn't help that he is the star of my dreams most nights. sheesh. get a grip, michelle.

anyway...enough of the Debbie Downer. time to enjoy the day! even though it's gloomy and cold out (come on California! Time to get HOT)..

Enjoy your weekend!! =)

See ya on the flip-side!

Pia Toscano sings goodbye on "American Idol"

**on a more serious note. i CANNOT believe PIA went home last night!!! That was a big mistake and I am ashamed with America. (Just kidding...sort of.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

girl time & the news

last night, my new friend Sophie came over. she's from France and is married to my brother's friend. i met her a few months ago but we haven't been able to get together until now. i love listening to her talk. her accent is very cool and maybe i wish i had one too. we went to dinner at the Playa Grill & Margarita Bar. not gonna lie...for a place that has the words "margarita bar" in the NAME, you'd think their margaritas would be bomb dot com. i am sorry to tell you, my friends, this margarita was NOT bomb dot com. it was far too sugary and syrup-like. regardless, it was a fantastic happy hour and we walked out the door with it only being $16 plus tip!
it was nice having some girl time. hopefully we can hang out again soon!

i've been trying to get more involved with the news and events going on around me...but goodness, it is so depressing! for the past 2 mornings, there have been shootings to random cars driving on the 163 freeway at the same place and same time! they don't know who it is, but that's pretty scary. also, i just went to to check on things and it seems there has been ANOTHER big earthquake that hit Japan (just 1 month ago was the huge one). also, i'm scanning the headlines and it says: "13 killed in brazil school shooting." sheesh. it's no wonder i've stayed away from the news for so long. it's such a downer.

anyway. it's THURSDAY! and that is good news. because that means tomorrow is FRIDAY. which begins the weekend.

hope you all have a wonderful day. let's go make some positive events happen today!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Thanks!

It's Wednesday again! You know what that means (or not)....
Time to take a moment and be THANKFUL 
for things because I have somehow found that to be a boost of a little somethin' somethin' to get me through till the weekend...and boy do I need a boost.
Let me just say I only got 5 hours of sleep last night (for reasons I will leave unexplained). I am someone that needs about 9 to function properly. And that's that.

This week, I am thankful for...

**my friend CK. The other day, I was having a particularly "down" day, and the next thing I know, I get a text from him to open my door. There, on the ground, was my favorite Jamba Juice smoothie (Strawberry Nirvana) and a bag of ALL RED Sour Patch Kids because he knows I only like the red ones. Now, that's what I call a true friend. What a guy....**

**winning the Padres vs. Reds CLUB SEAT tickets from work coming up on the 11th. Goooo Padres!**

**Our new friends Roomie and I met this past weekend. They are funny, nice, and very down to earth. Glad to know a few more people in 'Sunny San Diego'**

**not crashing and dying yesterday when I saw a bug flying around my head as I was driving and frantically flailing my arm to get it away from me. Have I mentioned I don't like bugs?**

**THIS blog. I don't know why, but I have been thoroughly enjoying reading her blog that started back in 2007. Yes, I  literally went back to the very first post and have been reading a little every day. Um... Stalker, much?**

Okay ya'll...I bid you adieu. Enjoy your hump day. AMERICAN IDOL tonight! Whoo-hoo! I am not ashamed to admit my love for that show. And I am a TRUE fan that started watching from the first season! So there.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


...That's what I want right now. And it's only 10:00 in the morning. Is that odd? I think not. I mean, it IS Taco Tuesday, after all. And usually, margaritas are involved. So...don't judge me.

So....yesterday, after work, I went to the parking garage to go to my car. And in my defense, the parking garage is very poorly lit and difficult to see clearly. I took my keys out to unlock my car, pressed the clicker, and walked up to the door. Now here's where it gets awkward. I open the about halfway into the car, when all of a sudden I realize....THIS IS NOT MY CAR!!!!!!! I immediately get out and shut the door. I quickly look around me to see if anyone saw me attempt to STEAL their car. Luckily, I was alone. So where was my car? 2 spots down. Did this car look anything like my Black Panther? Other than the color being black, NO. It was a FORD FOCUS. Um....I was way off. Highly embarrassing. I quickly walked to my car and drove off. Since when did people stop locking their cars??

Lesson learned: Be aware of my surroundings, be in the present (apparently my mind was somewhere far, far away thinking about who knows what), and LOCK YOUR DOORS.

Happy Tuesday, dears.


Monday, April 4, 2011


This is what I look like when I wake up 15 minutes before I have to leave for work...that snooze button was just far too tempting to pass up this morning. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was exhausting and relaxing, if that makes sense... Friday and Saturday night, Roomie and I went Downtown and had some good ol' fashion roommate fun....that happened to keep us up till 4AM...both nights. Oops. Guess I gotta do that while I'm still 24....Because once I hit 25, I hear it all goes downhill from there. (Kidding...sort of)

Yesterday, I literally stayed in bed till 1:30pm...then moved straight to the couch for the duration of my day. Don't judge me.
I caught up on all my shows and got to continue reading The Hunger Games, part II.
All in all, great day.

Happy Monday! =)

Roomie and I were having a little pre-party fun
...I think this could be a new

Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools

last night: let's recap.

(ex)boyfriend contacted for the first time in 2 weeks wanting to know if I had
A) his white button down 
and B) his blanket 
Um.....???!!!?!?!!?    <------that was my initial reaction. 
BUT, I decided to be cordial and play it cool. told him i had the blanket but not the shirt and that i also had his tool set. long story short, he ended up coming over last night to gather his things.
thankfully, i had a few cocktails before he got there so i wasn't such a nervous wreck.
roomie said i did a great job. i was positive, happy, and confident (was i??). 
it was interesting. we joked. we laughed. we were nice. don't have much else to say about that.
i'm still processing.

anyhoo...i wish you all a wonderful friday, april fools day, and month of april...

see you monday!



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