Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Thanks!

today, despite recent unfortunate life changes, i still have many things to be thankful for....

**tinted windows, so no one can see me cry like a baby when i want to...(although, based on recent activity, maybe they can...)

**my mother...she flew in from georgia last monday and it has been SO good to see her and get my butt kicked back into gear!

**possible new opportunities coming up (will fill in when i know more)

**my roomie for calling the tow truck company for me when someone parked in my spot. she's always so willing to do the dirty work. (sorry to the person who owns the black ford sedan)

**my father...he is a man of much wisdom and knowledge. thank you for paying for our $375 family dinner last night and sharing those words of wisdom with me.

**my friend, CK, for being such a pal. he bought me jamba juice and it made me happy.

**my new shelves in the closet. i can now fill you with junk that was on my floor...

**this BMW man for putting on my license plates for me...that's what i call service!

be thankful. it'll make you happy.


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