Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's/March Madness

Top O' the mornin' to ya!
To be honest with you...I always thought it was: Top OFF the mornin' to ya....I stand mistaken. Again, thank you Google. You have once again saved me from actin' a fool. 
This morning I woke with slight anxiety...Okay, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but I did have a question at the forefront of my mind....What do I possibly own in my closet that is  GREEN?? Then I immediately followed that question with: At what age will I stop stressing about what green I can wear so I don't get pinched? I mean, can I really expect a grown adult to come up to me and pinch me because I'm not wearing green? That would probably be really awkward and maybe a slight violation of personal bubble space.
Needless to say, I ended up finding a green tank on the floor of my closet (shocker)...Smelled clean enough. 

Moving on to the next subject... Let me just  inform you that I have Nev-ah been a "Sports Girl." I was the girl that only watched the Super Bowl for the commercials. I would bring US Weekly and People magazines to entertain me while past boyfriends would watch any type of sports game on the telly.I would complain and pout if my guy wanted to go watch a game. I mean... why? It's BORING.
Then something happened...Boyfriend came into the picture. I slowly found myself paying a little more attention to what was going on in a basketball or football game (Okay, so maybe I was just checking out which player I thought was cute). I would hear myself ask a question about the game and what a particular term meant. I shocked myself when I heard myself yell unexpectedly, which I could only take to be a cheer for a particular team. Who is this girl? How am I starting to care about sports? Lakers? Don't mind if I do...Padres? Yes, please. Chargers? Sign me up!

You won't believe what I'm doing right now...I'm listening to the live College Basketball game for WVU and Clemson because last night, Boyfriend helped me fill out my bracket for March Madness. Again...WHO. AM. I?? I've found that watching sports can not only be fun, but it's actually nice to do something with Boyfriend that HE enjoys a lot. I mean, the poor guy sits through American Idol, The Bachelor, and various Chick Flicks for me (even though, like I mentioned before, I'm positive he loves them almost as much as I do). The least I can do is put in some effort to enjoy his "Man Flicks." 

Happy St. Pat's Day, people. Go enjoy some green beer and basketball! 

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