Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beware: slightly depressing and could leave you hungry...

so i've lost about 10 pounds since christmas. 8 of them being from the last week and a half. thanks (ex)boyfriend. why are break-ups so difficult? and why do they leave me with no appetite? my lunch has consisted of jamba juice (strawberry nirvana, to be exact) for the last 8 days. then i get home, hang out with roomie, and forget to eat again..oh well, if i keep this up, summer bikini time will be good to me.

last night, roomie went on a date. she's awfully picky (like me) and said she'll probably just make this one "a friend." she said he had nice arms, not so nice face, and was so quiet she was running out of things to say. regardless, i commend her for giving it a try!

enjoy your taco tuesday! i will be having one big margarita (or three).

my new sandals...Target!

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