Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alarming...Wednesday Thanks!

my new work schedule is from 7am to 4pm. yesterday i was set up with an alarm code since i'd be the first person at work and would have to disarm the alarm....
so this morning, i get to work at about 6:50am, unlock the door, hear the beeping of the alarm, run over to enter my code....and nothing happens!! i enter it again....nothing. beep...beep...BEEEP...BEEEEP!!!!!
it gets so loud! so, i call the number listed in case this happens and the lady has no idea what she's doing. she says, "i'm sorry ma'am. if your code is not working, then you probably have the wrong one." ummm....really?
finally i had to call and wake up a co-worker (sorry, sandra) to use her code...which worked immediately.

anyway...on to WEDNESDAY THANKS---

i am thankful for...

**my brother...for coming to hang out with his lonely sister last night when no one else was available...we played pool and had margaritas and yummy tacos at Fred's.

** have given me the strength i need to get through many of my days...

**padres, roomie, and my work for announcing all the games they're giving free tickets out to us to sit in their BOX SEATS! ...starting this month!

happy hump day! hope you do a lot of....humping?



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