Thursday, February 17, 2011


Picture THIS:

You're driving along down your little street to exit your little apartment complex. When all of a sudden, this blue Hyundai Accent, driven by an old lady, comes out on the left and hits your brand new BMW!!!!! What a great morning, right???

No. Not so great. Trust me on this one...

I wish I could say that this didn't happen. I wish I could say I made it all up. I wish I could say I didn't just get in a car accident a mere 3 months ago. But no. This very thing happened
moments ago.

So what did I do? I furiously got out of my car and I said, "Really? Did you not see me?"
And she says, "No, the sun was in my eyes." 


So. We exchanged insurance information and I left in a huff. 

I asked Boyfriend, "Why does poop like this have to happen???"
He said: "You have money fall out of the sky for you, I guess it needs to even out somehow."
Good point.
(He's referring to my $3000 tax refund as well as getting $12,800 back from my last accident.)

So... I guess this is yet another moment in my life to test me and give me an opportunity
to focus on the positive and what I have to be thankful for (see yesterday's post.)

(Deep breath....exhale...Repeat)

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  1. OH NO!!! Not the 'Black Panther' :(
    Was it really bad?



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