Monday, February 28, 2011

I did it!!!

2 Hours and 1 Minute!!! That's how long it took me to run/walk/crawl 8 miles, complete 14 obstacles, twist an ankle, bruise both knees, and say many swear words. BUT I DID IT!!!! I am so very proud of myself and I am so very thankful for Brother and Boyfriend. Because if it weren't for them pushing and pulling me up those mountains, I wouldn't have been able to do it. They did great!
After the race, we went to In N Out and I scarfed down a very yummy cheeseburger, guilt-free! Then, Boyfriend and I fell asleep for a very long time...Then I proceeded to eat a very big turkey sandwich, with chips. And not the baked, low-fat chips, the full on FAT chips. I figured anything was a "go" since I probably burned a million calories or so.

Hopefully once the soreness wears off, and I stop hobbling around from the pain, I can continue exercising. Just because I don't have the Spartan Race to train for anymore, doesn't mean I can't keep running and getting fit!!

**Pictures coming soon! (Brother's girlfriend, Katie, has them and she said she'll send them soon!)

Happy Monday!



  1. YOU DID IT!!!!! I'll bet that feels great :)

  2. I was to take part on the mud run too though I got occupied with academic research writing despite numerous reminders about the event seems you had some much fun from the info on your blog



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