Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day

WEDNESDAY'S always seem to be the hardest for me.
So I'm going to start a new tradition of having WEDNESDAY THANKS.
(Not really my own idea because I stole the concept from other bloggers)

Here, I shall dedicate my post to things that I am thankful for to remind me not to be in the dumps on
such a dumpy day! (It's 60 degrees and rainy. Boo.)

So here goes...I am THANKFUL for:

-Sarah, my co-worker, buying regular half and half (the big Costco size) for the office so now I can save $5/day by drinking coffee at work instead of at Starbucks.

-Boyfriend going to the gym with me last night. Otherwise, I highly doubt I would have gone.

-The snooze button. It allowed me those extra five (or twenty) minutes of beauty sleep!

-My mom (shout out!). Even though she lives across the country from me, she is still the best thing in my life.

-The Black Panther (aka my new car). I still get excited when I get to drive. Even if it's just 2 minutes to the store.

-Getting my paycheck today. Who wouldn't be?

-My brother. Even though he is highly annoying me right now because he thinks I'm not working out enough or training hard enough for this Spartan Mud Run coming up. But if it weren't for his pestering, I wouldn't be working out at ALL probably.

-Online shopping. It gives me such joy knowing I have a special package coming in the mail. (MARC JACOBS WATCH COMING TODAY!! WHOO HOO!)

Ahhh...I feel SO much better...and mmm...this coffee (cup number two) tastes So good!

Happy Hump Day!



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