Monday, December 15, 2014

Let The Epicness Ensue

Okay, so it's quite possible that I've hyped up this "Epicness" a whole lot. And I didn't really realize I was doing that (much) until about 8 million people asked me what this "NEWS" was.

And well, first of all, it's not "News" it's just something that we did and I'm going to show you. Second of all, it was maybe more like 6 people that asked. And third of all, no I'm not pregnant.

So then I was like, well shoot, will this just be a big let down when I finally reveal this wonderful magic? And thennnnnnn, then I looked at the magic again and smiled heartily and thought,
"'s still pretty epic."

So I guess there's no real way of introducing it any longer....

But first: The Back Story & Outtakes.

A few weeks ago, The Dizzle and I marched ourselves down to The Goodwill and dropped 50 Bones on matching sweater vests, turtlenecks, and Mom & Dad Jeans, respectively. Oh, and let's not forget the Christmas Tree Wine Glasses (filled with raspberry salad dressing because we didn't have any wine. Shocking, I know.)

We then came home, and got to work.

We put up our VERY professional backdrop (a.k.a. TAPED our bed sheet to the windows) and put down the "Snow" (a.k.a. our COMFORTER. On The Ground......Dedication, I tell you.).

We then proceeded to take MANY. MANY photos.

I give you one of my favorite outtakes:

I have taken the liberty to point out all the things I have deemed wonderful, starting with our glorious Mom & Dad Jeans. Oh, lordy, these bad boys came so high up on our waists. I had some major "fupa" going on, that's for sure.

Can we also take note of our running shoes. Because nothing says "awkward" like some high-waisted jeans and running shoes.

Let's not forget to point out the rolled up poster on the floor as well as a window screen poking out from behind the sheet. Those were completely forgotten about until much later.

Here is another one of my faves. I gotta say, The Dizzle has some Raw Modeling Talent.

And here is our first draft of what we were going for.....

But then we ended up going through Tiny Prints and using one of their templates. And so here I give you the epic finale. Our very FIRST holiday card together.

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Dixon wishing you a very happy holiday:

And there you have it.
Was it worth the wait??? ;)

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

When Stormageddon Comes To Town

9:00am: Wake up to what looks like a normal, rainy day. Sure, it's cloudy. It's a little cool. And it's wet. But you are slightly confused because the weatherman promised TREACHEROUS winds and FLASH FLOODS! But alas, all you see is normal rain, sans wind.

9:05am: Realize the power is out.

9:10am: Realize your internet is not working either.

9:15am: Start breakfast by frying some eggs.
9:16am: Go to use the toaster and remember the power is out.
9:17am: Go to use the microwave and remember the power is out.
9:18am: Try to make coffee by boiling hot water then pouring it into the coffee maker.
9:20am: Realize that was a horrible decision and vow to never do that again.

9:30am: Get back in bed because it's kind of cold and there's nothing else to do.
9:35am: Grab laptop to see if internet is working yet.
9:36am: Nope.
9:37am: Grab your phone to check Instagram and see that even the regular 4G data is awry and thus you cannot connect to the world of social media.
9:40am: Stare at the ceiling and feel detached from the world.
9:45am: Look over at The Dizzle who is peacefully reading his book and silently loathe his patience.
9:50am: Finally accept your situation and read, too.

11:00am: Feel hungry and a slight state of panic because WE HAVE NO FOOD OR POWER!

11:30am: Decide to face the "treacherous" storm and head out to scope out the situation.

11:35am: Bundle up in leggings, 2 pairs of socks, Hunter Boots, 1 sweatshirt, 1 zip-up, and 1 rain jacket, even though it's only 65 degrees outside, but, still, it's raining and you must stay protected!

11:36am: Tell The Dizzle that we should pretend we're in The Walking Dead and we're headed out to face the world and fight zombies!
11:37am: Receive a blank stare from The Dizzle.

11:45am: Get in car and drive to the grocery store.

11:50am: The grocery store is closed. The grocery store is closed?! Why is the grocery store CLOSED??? Don't they have generators?

12:00pm: Drive aimlessly and see all the businesses that are dark and shut down.

12:05pm: Notice that the Apple Store is SUSPICIOUSLY open, with the lights on and customers inside. (Ask yourself again why the grocery store is closed.)

12:10pm: Find ONE restaurant open! Roam Burger! FOOD! WE'RE SAVED!!!
12:15pm: Realize that everyone and their mother has also decided to come to Roam Burger to eat.
12:45pm: After waiting in line for 20 minutes to order, finally scarf down a burger as if it's the last warm meal you will ever have.

1:00pm: Arrive back home and get back in bed.
1:05pm: Fall fast asleep because the power and internet are still down.

2:00pm: Wake up to find that power has returned.
2:01pm: Internet is still not working.

2:02pm - 3:00pm: Read some more.
3:01pm: Fall asleep again because somehow reading in bed ALWAYS makes you do that.

4:00pm: Wake up.

4:01pm: Get ready for Stitch Fix Holiday Party.

5:30pm: Go to Holiday Party

6:00pm: Discuss said "Storm" with fellow coworkers and come to the conclusion that the power was turned off on PURPOSE.

7:00pm: Grab some wine and take several photobooth pictures.

7:30pm: Try using a GoPro stick and fail miserably because you just can't seem to figure out how to get the stick out of the picture. Have fun using it anyway and seriously consider buying one for yourself.

8:30pm: Get home and see that the internet is back. Hallelujah.

9:00pm: Proceed to curl up in bed and watch a movie whilst eating popcorn, freshly popped from the electricity-induced microwave.

10:30pm: Fall fast asleep despite having TWO naps that day.

Wake up the next morning: See that everything is back to normal and that rain is no longer falling.

And THAT, my friends, was my experience during the storm of the century. Some have even called it "Stormageddon," which I'm sure you can clearly see why due to its ferocity and violence.

Coming to you from The Marina in San Francisco, California.
Mishi: Over and out.

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