Monday, October 27, 2014

And then I got all kinds of feisty.

Saturday was quite the day, if I do say so myself (so prepare yourself for this post, it's a long one).

It all began with a little wedding dress shopping extravaganza with my posse in tow (plus Mo & Marion, not featured here but are equally as important ;).

Upon arrival, we were quickly told that champagne was NOT allowed as it was against the landlord's rules. And to that I said, "Poo, Poo," because perhaps if they had let me get a little buzzed I would have been more inclined to purchase a dress.

But alas, there were no keepers at the first location...

...Which is why I can show you some of these pictures. ;)

You guys. When I put on the very first dress, it really hit me that, oh my gosh, I'm going to be a bride! And I was kind of hoping I'd feel that way; You know, some sort of real jolt to this whole wedding experience. And it was simply the best having my close friends and family there - oohing and ahhing over each dress (some more than others ;). And it's true what they say: Be open to all possibilities, because something you may have thought you wouldn't like can very well be something you do indeed love!

Oh, and remember when I swore up and down that there was no way in hell I'd spend more than $1000 on ONE dress for ONE day??


Then we went to the second place.

The moment we walked in, I could tell just how upscale it was (and how SO out of my price range it was, but what the hell, let's just pretend): Exclusive boutique located only in San Francisco. Imported lace from France. Hand sewn. Um yeah...."expensive" just wafted in the air.

We were the only ones there, given their undivided attention. I described the setting: Beach wedding on Kauai....simple....pretty....etc. etc.

And then.... With the curtain closed, she helped me into the first dress, and the moment I looked at myself in the mirror, I was done for. She opened the curtain and revealed the dress to my faithful onlookers, and I could see it in their eyes - they fell in love too.

This was it! This was the one! I totally had "THE MOMENT" that people speak of but you wonder if it's just a myth. My search was done - I found it! I could feel myself get a little teary eyed looking at this beauty and picturing myself standing on the beach, my hands in Verner's, in front of all our loved ones, exchanging our vows...

And then she told me the price, and it was like that reverse record player sound happened and I snapped to!

I'm sorry, come again??

$4300 friends. $4300 effing dollars. And then my heart broke.

But just so you know - the $4300 INCLUDES all alterations and fitting costs, so I mean, it's basically a deal. No? Not at all? I'm crazy for even considering? Yeah okay....

The reason I am NOT going to post a picture of this one is because A) I could possibly find it online by someone who is re-selling theirs that they bought and B) I just might really go over the edge and do something I regret. Maybe. We'll see. Probably not. But maybe.

But like I told my friends & fam - - - - "My daughter would be CRAZY not to want to wear this dress at her wedding." <-----and THAT should tell you just how amazing it was.


Anyway - I started this post with something way different in mind, but then went on a wedding dress tirade.

The REAL reason I wanted to blog was because of what happened later that night.

So, if you're still reading (Hi, Mom), then please, allow me:

That night, a few friends, The Dizzle, and I went out and hit da bars. We started with some prickly pear margaritas from Tacolicious. And they were delicious. But not nutritious.

Then there was some wine....and beer.....and perhaps a kamikaze shot. <------just to set the scene for you.

Then we went to another bar. And if you offered me $1 Million Dollars to tell you the name of the bar, I would still not be able to. <-----and that should set the scene as well.

But here's what went down.

I ordered a beer from the bar.

The bartender poured me a beer.

I grabbed the beer.

Then HOMEBOY to my left, who was highly intoxicated (yes, even more than me), GRABBED my beer and took a ginormous gulp!

So I grabbed my beer back and said, "Hey!" While also kind of "thumping" him on the chest with my arm.

(Now, now, I'm not usually the violent type, but when you grab AND drink my fresh cold beer, all bets are off. But take note I said "thump" because it was not a punch, just a little "whack of the arm", if you will.)

And THEN, he said..........wait for it.......

"Is that all you got, STUPID?"

(Good one, guy. Good one.)

So then *I*, with not a bat of the eye, whip around and point my stubby finger in his face, and in the angriest and scariest voice I could muster I say,


(Pause for laughter, because hahahahahaha I still can't say that line without laughing heartily.)

I mean, come on. Picture me, this 5'4" Asian chick staring up at this 6 foot really really drunk white guy trying to be all tough like.

So then get this.

The drunk guy turns and leaves (because obviously I was super scary and he had to run for his life), and then his FRIEND comes up to me, hands me a $20 bill, and says, "Here, take this. I'm really sorry," and leaves.

And then like 8 million seconds later, The Dizzle comes up behind me, all tough like and ready to defend my honor, and says, "What'd he say to you???"

Don't worry, Boo, I handled it. And the next round's on me!!

Moral of the story? Sometimes standing up for yourself and protecting your beer from the drunks of the world will make you $20 richer. But you've got to be extra stern and scary about it. And don't forget the finger point.

The End.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Happening

In just 4 days something major will be happening.

My mom, sister-in-law, best friend (and Maid of Honor) from L.A., other friend from San Diego, another friend (and bridesmaid) from Oakland, and future mother-in-law will be WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING.

Did you catch all that?

Wedding. Dress. Shopping. For me. Michelle Lim, soon to be Michelle Dixon, will be trying on Wedding Dresses.

I don't know why that sounds so weird to me, but it does.

I've been a flower girl, I've been a bridesmaid (x4), I've been a guest (more times than I can count) - but never have I been The Bride. The one who stands in front. The one who goes shopping for a wedding dress.

And it boggles my mind, really. Like, I know I'm getting married in 8 months and 13 days, but maybe it just hasn't really hit me. We've sent save the dates, we've secured the venue, the flowers and food are done, but it still seems very foreign and far away to me.

Perhaps once I start putting on dresses it will hit me that this is actually happening? won't and then I'll blink and be standing at an altar saying, "I do." Who knows man.

But I want to soak up every second of this because (knock on wood) this is the only time I'll get to experience it and like everyone says, it's going to be over before I know it. I mean I still feel like I just got engaged yesterday, but alas, it's been almost 4 months!

Anyway - prepare to see your Instagram Feed blow up with some awesome pictures of me in dresses. I have this dream of finding a really ugly dress and posting it on Insty (bc I'm obsessed like that) to tell you all I found my dream dress....A little something like this perhaps:

Or this:

Or how about this:

Or my personal favorite:

Yes. That's the one.

Be ready.


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